Jermaine “Jell-o” Wallace’s White Ho Stable Comes To His Rescue “Thank You Jermaine Wallace” (Clap-Clap) [Video]

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The other day we reported on a Denver pimp named “Jell-o” that was popped in Houston trying to set up shop
. Now, his coke-white stable has come to his rescue:

Jermaine “Jell-o” Wallace’s White Hoe Stable Comes To His Rescue “Thank You Jermaine Wallace” (Clap-Clap) [Video]

The women who live with and allegedly work for a man called “Jell-o” say he is not a pimp and they are not prostitutes.
Germaine “Jell-O” Wallace was captured by U.S. marshals in northwest Houston on Thursday. He was in a cab with four women at the time.
Authorities believe Wallace came here to avoid facing a Colorado judge on charges of sexual assault and pimping.
“We’re not doing anything wrong,” said Teresa Weeks, one of the women in the cab.
The women claim they’re just good friends who share a mansion in Colorado with Wallace and often travel together.
They call themselves exotic dancers and said the money they made was legal.
“We like our lives,” said Amber Wilson. “We want to maintain our lives. That’s all we were trying to do is make money to maintain the way that we lived before this happened.”
The women said they now work at various strip clubs in Houston.
“We treat it like a 9 to 5,” said Kara Laughead. “No funny business. We go in, we work. We make money.”
Now the women are supporting an online petition that they hope will make Wallace a free man.
“I could see it if he was guilty but he’s an innocent man,” added Weeks.
On Thursday, a handcuffed Wallace blamed the women for his arrest.
“You all know I’m innocent of these charges. The girls that did this, you’re bogus. You know you’re wrong for lying,” Wallace said.
Authorities said Wallace was living the high life in Denver, living in a mansion and driving fancy cars. They believe he came to Houston to provide prostitution services to attendees at an upcoming convention.
“We didn’t want that here,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Cameron Welch, who worked the case along with other members of the Gulf Coast Violent Offender Task Force. “The key factor in this deal was looking for those girls. We knew if we found them they would lead back to him.”
Wallace is expected to be extradited back to Colorado in the coming weeks.

Check this out… this is what he’s on the run for:

Denver authorities have begun outlining their case against a ruthless pimp for running a sophisticated hooker ring through the city’s best-known strip clubs.

Germaine “Jell-O” Wallace was living in a $1.3 million pad near Castle Rock, Colo., with a driveway full of custom cars and collection of exotic pets when he was busted on pimping, sexual assault and weapons charges in November, police said in recently filed court papers.

Authorities said Wallace sent a crew of loyal hookers into the area’s swankiest jiggle joints to turn tricks — and strong-arm other strippers to do the same.

Busting an operation as big as his was unusual because police have a hard time getting hookers to talk.

“In their mind, it’s in their best interest to take the hit and not affect the business,” vice unit Lt. Aaron Sanchez told the Denver Post.

At the rented 35-acre estate, Wallace and his crew rode dirt bikes and four-wheelers, popped ecstasy and tended to a collection of wild animals, the newspaper reported.

Court records showed he kept a serval, an African wild cat resembling a small cheetah, and a kinkajou, a small ferret-like mammal native to rainforests in Central and South America.

After the arrest, cops impounded half of the cars, including a Pontiac Fiero tricked out to look like a Lamborghini.

One blue minivan featured a cartoon of Bugs Bunny grabbing ‘toon sexpot Jessica Rabbit with the words “choose up” – street slang that tells hookers TO join up with richer pimps.

One 20-year-old stripper told police she was recruited into Jell-O’s world by a dancer at the swank Centerfold Showclub.

The woman said Wallace raped her and forced her and other dancers to recruit Johns for sex in the clubs’ champagne rooms. “We work literally every night unless someone is sick,” the woman told police.

She said she brought in about $800 a night and was forced to text Wallace with earnings updates every hour.

Cops said Jell-O gave his girls tips for avoiding undercover cops, knew the private spots of each club and occasionally drove the hookers and their johns to dates outside the clubs.

The clubs have denied knowing anything about the ring.

Four of Jell-O’s top recruiters, Kara Laughead, 24, Allison Kelly, 25, Teresa Weeks, 22, and Amber Wilson, 24, face prostitution and pimping charges.

Wallace’s high-profile lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, said his client is innocent.

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