Did You Know: The Secret Service Has A High Ranking SISTER To Thank For Cleaning Up Their Colombian Hooker Scandal

- By Bossip Staff

Just another example of how Black Women Rock!

High Ranking Black Female Agent Responsible For Taking Control Of Scandal In Colombia

IT WAS A woman — the highest-ranking black female in the Secret Service — who swooped in to “clean up” the debacle in Colombia after drunken agents hired a bunch of prostitutes, it was reported Sunday.

Paula Reid, considered a rising star in the largely white, male-dominated agency, was newly in charge of the South American region when she heard that an unpaid hooker was causing a kerfuffle at a hotel in Cartagena, The Washington Post reported.

Reid, who was staying in a different hotel in the Colombian seaside city, rounded up a dozen of her colleagues — including two who were in charge of supervising the rowdy group — and ordered them shipped back home.

“She really went in there and cleaned up the mess,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) said on ABC Sunday.

“Where are the women?” questioned Maloney, who said only 11% of agents are women. “We probably need to diversify the Secret Service and have more minorities and more women.”

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) agreed. “I can’t help but wonder, if there had been more women as part of that detail, if this ever would have happened,” she said.

Twelve secret service agents and 11 military personnel have been identified for allegedly having brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms prior to President Obama’s arrival for a regional summit earlier this month.

On Friday, Rep. Pete King (R-L.I.) sent Sullivan a letter with 50 questions that he wants addressed, including a “minute-by-minute” breakdown of the actions of the agents and military personnel. He also asked for a tally of how many times the agency has investigated agents for hiring prostitutes in the past five years — a question that gets at the heart of whether the shenanigans in Colombia were a one-time mega-blunder or a more common transgression for the famed agency.

Former Secret Service Director Ralph Basham said on “Face the Nation” Sunday that the Colombia sexcapades were an “aberration.”

“This sort of thing does not happen in the Secret Service,” he said.

But Collins wasn’t buying that. “It defies belief that this is just an aberration. There were too many people involved,” she told ABC.

To date, no evidence has surfaced that Obama’s security was compromised, or that the women involved were connected to any type of conspiracy targeting the commander in chief, King and others briefed on the investigation have said.

Nor has evidence come to light showing that any of the prostitutes were underage — contrary to a recent report.

We’re just glad Paula Reid is getting the credit she deserves. Them other guys ought to be ashamed for letting the country down while they were getting their freak on!


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