Who Looked More Bangin??

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Auntie Viv and Meagan Good attended the 12th Annual Miami Gala La Fiesta Espanola last night. Some would say this is a no-brainer but we gotta ask: Between these two chicas

Who Looked More Bangin??

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  • milio

    Auntie Vivs got it this time

  • Book Worm




  • Hope

    Vivica looks great!

  • K-mia

    Meagan. Always and forever.

  • jazi

    Viv! She looks great!

  • kahmmillion

    Vivica got this on lock!


    I saw these pics yesterday and Vivica got on a bad azz dress and she look nice, she def got Meagan beat. I want that dress bad Vivica!

  • http://MySpace.com/keia1st PrettyNikki

    I think they both look pretty but I am going to give it to Viv because her weave looks better.

  • dayg715

    actually, they both look bangin’.

  • OooLaLa

    Vivica’s got this one hands down. She looks fabulous.

  • *MiSsUndersto0d*

    vivica looks nice, but meaganz my twin, so i gotta go wit her.. 😉

  • Kimberlee

    Megan. Effortlessly pretty.

    Vivica has had too much work done. She tried too hard. Anymore work to her face, and she’s going to be on the verge of freak, next to lil kim… I mean, look at her eyes…could the skin be stretched any further north? She’ll look asian. Let’s don’t start on the nose.


  • JOEY B

    i’d knock off vivica in the evening…grab the keys to the lambo….then go spend the night with megan…then dash back to vivicas in the mornin with 2 hot java mochas just before she wakes up…and wait for her bank to open!..hehehe

  • JAD


  • M.B.

    Vivica, all day!!!!

  • come on

    ms. vivica fox is soooooo pretty 40+ never looked so good.

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    Vivica’s face looks like its hurting to even crack a smile. She has to lay off that botox. I’ll give this one to Megan even though I’ve never been a fan of hers, the last time I liked something she did was Eve’s Bayou.

  • Oshie

    Viv let 50 hit it, so she is thereby downgraded about 35 points. Megan wins by default.

  • Roni

    Gotta go with Viv on this one!

  • Nina Knows

    going with Vivica, she looks great!!… sorry meagan not this time.


    lmao@ Joey B only for the fact my boyfriend brought me starbucks caramel frappacino saturday morning, had a flashback.


    Hey Nina girl! didnt see u right above me

  • lilianasanchez86

    vivica is lookin good. and i used to think meagan was beautiful but that 4head… ehhhhh, she needs some bangs

  • miss o

    Omg! viv has got it on lock this time i’m impressed!!

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