Divorces: Seal Wants Stake In Heidi’s “Community Assets” Despite Post-Nup Agreement, Asks For Joint Custody Despite Disappearing For Weeks At A Time During Marriage!!!

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Heidi thought they could divorce nice and easily but Seal ain’t havin’ it!

Heidi Klum And Seal Battle Over Community Assets And Custody

We gave Seal a lot of credit for helping raise Heidi Klum’s kid by another man and seeming like a good husband over all (remember that “Happy Wife, Happy Life” business on “Oprah”?) but we gotta admit we’re disgusted to hear his gloves have come off in this divorce.

According to the latest print edition of Star Magazine — the singer is fighting tooth and nail over custody and community assets, despite an already existing post-nuptial agreement. SMH. Here’s the details:

In divorce papers filed on April 6, Heidi claimed the two have a postnuptial agreement in place, meaning there are no joint community assets to be divided. Yet four days later, Seal responded with a petition staking a claim on “community and quasi community assets.” “He’s bitter about the breakup,” an insider explains. “Of course he’s trying to get whatever he can out of this.” Heidi, 38, is worth about $70 million, and Seal, 49, just $15 million.

The surprise, the insider continues, is that Seal requested joint legal custody of Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2. Heidi wants primary physical custody, with Seal merely getting visitation rights. “Hes disappear for weeks and leave her with the kids, without telling her where he was,” says the insider. “That’s one reason they’re getting divorced.”

Seal is also reportedly livid about Heidi’s PDA with her Germany’s Next Top Model cojudge Thomas Hayo.

SMH. Sounds likes Seal needed a “Love should’ve brought you home” memo! Considering that Heidi is clearly smarter at managing her money, we’re almost willing to bet she’s also got a better lawyer and Seal will end up with nada.

What do you think? Should she just give him what he wants so that the divorce can be dealt with more quickly? Based on his record, it sounds like she’ll end up with the kids anyway even if he has joint custody.

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