Kelly Rowland Does the “Other Awards Show”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland attended and performed at the MTV Africa Music Awards in Nigeria. Poor thang couldn’t get a spot performing at the AMA’s in the U.S. like her Destiny’s Child band-mate, so she had to head all the way back to the motherland. It could always be worse…right?.

More pics of Kelly below.

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  • Hannibal

  • D.P

    LOL.. Man Ya’ll Hard On Kelly

  • Oshie

    Poor Kelly.

    Looking like Lil Wayne.

  • lilianasanchez86

    she has no sucess at all but she is lookin good these days. and what song did she preformed? cause i cant remeber any of her songs

  • RiotGirL11

    Until she gets rid of Matthew Knowles, I have no sympathy.

  • Kimberlee


    Kelly is ‘doing her thing’ in the mothaland cause she sucks as a solo performer. Period.

  • Vee-Like Garfield I hate Mondays:-(

    Damn shame…

  • JOEY B

    she need to just fall back and collect her unemployment

  • This I Know

    So whats wrong with doing an award show in Africa? Quite frankly, I would take the great hip hop scene in West Africa over the corporate, manufactured crap from Jay Z and Lil Wayne anyday.

  • GuyFriday

    @ JOEY B-no u didnt say get her unemployment. LMAO!!!

    Its a shame: Kelly gets no love. Since B’s new cd came out, of course they spent all weekend showing ALL of her videos, starting with Destiny’s Child. Its easy to see how over time, it was a calculated move to give B the most camera-time, do 99% of the singing. Yes B is a star but Kelly has something to offer too. She just didn’t-and doesn’t have a chance so long as she surrounds herself with Matthew Knowles. 😦

  • Tealeaf

    Kelly Fierce is a superstar…

  • Techa


  • What2EatNext

    I hope her performance was at least good. I do think other countries often give an ear and an audience to the performers we forget

  • Book Worm

    Not the Africa Music Awards 😦

  • Jody

    Why y’all gotta disrespect Africa?

  • Kia

    @justvisitin. Your point? Read the comments that follow mine. I guess we are all “on our period”. You are ignorant.

  • Vinandi

    viva the motherland!! I love my continent I am an African loud and proud!

    and thanks Kelly for coming over, we love you!!

    btw- they are more billboards in africa of Kelly advertising Dark ad Lovely than of any other Black American artist! we appreciate her choclate beauty!



    perfectly said..

  • Don't mind me

    Don’t watch that Boss we are looking after the classy gorgeous Kelly

  • RL

    For many of you who don’t know. This performance is going to be remembered in Africa. Because this was the first EVER MTV AWARDS in Africa.


    It’s not ALWAYS about America, you know! Kelly made some smart moves. Relocated to the UK where she knows she can do better and can earn her own.

  • c

    Y’all kelly has a great career outside of the US. She is happy, working and doing her thing. The last time i checked the US was not the only place in the world where folks can have a career. Stop thinking so small. Kelly is doing it big all around the world! She looks like she is doing just fine to me…

  • Don't mind me

    Unit kingdom has a beautiful mixture of music Kelly is appreciated for being the better person and a true lady she is fine where she is and us is not where it’s all happening

  • Ameth

    So what if she performed in Africa?

    So far, professionnaly speaking it’s certainly enhance audience for every single artist to only be known in us than abroad.

    And we all ,without any doubt, know that performing in us is the only way to become a world wide celebrity……

  • Davina

    STOP believing that she has a “career” overseas! People in Europe or Africa pay attention to her because she is a former DC. But she is not selling anything, UK tabloids diss her because she goes to every events in London,she is going to MTV Africa fine but do u think that if she were successful in the US she would have been?? No I don’t think so. No hating but she really needs to fire her manager and come back with a good album and a real marketing staff.

    BTW Obama didn’t put Africa on the map

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