Epitome Of A Bad Octo-Mother: Child Protective Services Investigates Nadya Suleman After Stylist Drops Dime About Her Kids Disgusting Living Conditions!! [Video + Pics]

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DCFS And Police Investigate The Octomom’s House For Poor Living Conditions

This Octo-beyotch is the f***ing WORST!!!

According to TMZ reports:

The La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Family and Children’s Services showed up at the home of Octomom Nadya Suleman Tuesday night, after receiving a complaint from her hairstylist that the mother of 14 allows her kids to live in horrendous conditions.

Octomom’s hairstylist went to the PD today and she tells us … she told cops she has been in the house and seen the following:

— the plumbing is a disaster … there is only one working toilet in the house
— some of the kids are pooping on portable training toilets located in their bedrooms and in the backyard
— the kids appear malnourished and unbathed
— she observed Octomom locking her kids in a bedroom while she tended to personal matters
— the house is filthy

The stylist made other allegations as well.

When the cop and 3 Children’s Services workers arrived and walked inside, you can hear Octo say, “Excuse the graffiti.”

The authorities stayed an hour-and-a-half and left. We’re told they determined the kids were not in danger so they weren’t removed from the home, but there will be a follow-up with Children’s Services.

Hit the flip to watch the video of Stephanie, the hair stylist, going to police station to explain why she’s reporting Nadya. Also a video of cops and DCFS rolling up on Nadya’s crib to investigate, plus pics inside of the house!

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