They Shootin’!!! 2 NYPD Police Fire 84 Rounds At A Man Who Killed His Sister And Wounded His Mother…And He Lived!!! [Photos]

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NYPD Cops Fire 84 Shots At Murder Suspect

Two New York cops fired a staggering 84 shots at an armed man after he squeezed off one round at them — but the punk incredibly survived and was charged with slaying his sleeping kid sister and trying to kill their mother, authorities said.

Tuesday morning’s explosion of gunfire terrified residents in Harlem.

“It was like a shootout in the movies,” one shocked tenant said.

Steven Murray’s mother — 44-year-old Christine Fryar, who was shot three times by her son — was shown his photo at Harlem Hospital and told cops, “That’s my son! That’s the animal who shot me and killed my daughter!” authorities said.

Murray, 28, suffered 14 bullet wounds during the mayhem after refusing police orders to drop his .22-caliber gun, officials said.

He had just moved back from North Carolina to live with his mother and half-sister Annie Fryar, 13, in their one-bedroom apartment.

He and his mom were butting heads because he was not contributing to the upkeep of the cramped home, and she wanted him to move out, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said

They got into an argument at around 2:00am local time Tuesday, Browne said.

About an hour later, Murray inexplicably fired two shots into his sister’s head — one near her right eye and then just above, in her forehead — as she slept on a pull-out bed the two shared in the living room, cops said.

Their mother ran out from the bedroom, and Murray allegedly turned the gun on her, hitting her twice in the hand and once in her head. The last shot miraculously failed to penetrate her skull.

Then the situation got REALLY out of control!

Two cops were investigating an unrelated shooting when they heard about the carnage and sped to the scene.

They spotted gun-toting Murray and ordered him to drop the weapon.

Murray turned and allegedly fired a single shot — which struck the patrol car — and the cops got out and opened fire.

“[Murray] still had the gun in his hand. He wouldn’t obey orders. He was pointing [the gun] at the cops, and he wouldn’t respond,” a law enforcement source said. “After he finally went down, he still had the gun in his hand, and he was still moving.”

Murray was in critical but stable condition Tuesday night after undergoing surgery at Harlem Hospital.

Annie’s young friends were understandably upset by the news of her death by her brother’s hand.

“I didn’t think it was going to get carried away like that,’’ said a weeping Donette Skinner. “It makes no sense to me. You would have to have so much hatred to shoot your own mother and sister.”

The slain child had been a member of the school choir and active in its Peer Mediation program.

“She was always there to cheer us up, the type of person who wants to be by your side,” said Aaliyah Anderson, 13. “Her family is pretty nice, [but] I never heard her talk about her brother.”

Wow, clearly this guy Steven has SERIOUS problems, but 84 rounds??? We understand that the cops have to protect themselves, but all he had was a lil’ .22, were that many shots REALLY necessary to bring this guy down??

R.I.P. To Annie Fryar

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