Bill O’Reilly: “It Doesn’t Matter Who The GOP Candidate Is, They Despise Barack Obama So Much That They’re Just Gonna Vote Against Him”

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Bill O’Reilly Says It Doesn’t Matter Who The GOP Candidate Is They All Despise Barack Obama

Bill O’Reilly, famed host of the Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor” said “it doesn’t matter” who the conservative presidential candidate is, because the GOP will back him no matter what because he will stand in opposition to President Barack Obama. “The (GOP) despise(s) Barack Obama so much, it doesn’t matter who it is,” O’Reilly said Thursday on “CBS This Morning.” “They’re going to vote against…Barack Obama not for somebody.”

When asked if conservatives would have the have the same enthusiasm for another candidate, O’Reilly said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s the lever you pull. Whether you’re pulling it hard or you’re pulling it soft, it gets pulled.” After winning the latest Republican primaries this week, frontrunner Mitt Romney said he’s now focused on the November election. And so is President Barack Obama, with his re-election campaign announcing he will speak at two campaign rallies next Saturday. The debates, according to O’Reilly, are going to be decisive in this election. “Whoever does better in the three (debates) will win,” he said. “That’s how close it’s gonna be.”

Who is the better debater? O’Reilly said, “It’s hard to say. I’ve interviewed Barack Obama twice and I got to tell you, the guy is quick. I’ve interviewed Mitt Romney maybe four times. The governor is much more studied, much more rehearsed.” So does “quick” or “studied” win?

O’Reilly said it would be hard to say, then added, “This week has been Romney’s best week. You know, all of that, you know, ‘I’m getting attacked by Gingrich, this one, that one,’ that’s all gone. He’s much more confident. His speech writers are good. Whether he can bring his ‘A’-game up against a guy that’s naturally quick, Obama – he’s quick, I don’t know.”


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