The OMG Girlz Talk With Bossip About Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won't Let Them Date

**BOSSIP EXCLUSIVE**: The OMG Girlz Talk Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won’t Let Them Date

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: Tell us how you guys first got your name and how did the OMG girls come together?

OMG Girlz: Well, when we first started the OMG girls like four years ago we were all in the studio and we would always use OMG, and LOL, we went through a lot of names but we realized OMG girls kinda stuck, it was the right one to use and that’s what we choose.

Bossip: You guys each have specific names, are those alter egos?

Star: I got my name from my mom, she has always called me star, since I was a baby, so when I got into the OMG Girlz she gave me that name, everyone else has a better star
Baby Doll: My name also came from my mother, my mother Tiny, she gave me the name when I was performing, she said I was always very animated, at first she didn’t know what to call me, she was like, bay girl, something with baby, once she saw me perform she came up with baby doll.
Beauty: I got my name beauty from my grandmother, she would call me beautiful doll since I was little, so my aunty Tamika, she took beautiful doll and shortened it and named me beauty.

Bossip: Well, a lot of people are familiar with you guys when you had little Wayne’s daughter in the group, is there beef with her?

OMG Girlz: No, Reginies parents took her out of the group, her and LOLO actually came out of the group and kinda did their own thing, they are working on their own projects now, we are all still really cool and LOLO is actually my little sister, we support each other, they love baby doll, they love everything we are doing

Bossip: So there is no beef?

OMG Girlz: No

Bossip: When you guys were on the scream tour a lot people got introduced to you, what was that like?

OMG Girlz: it was very honoring, we were the only females on there and we were the first females group to be on there, we were nervous at first we didn’t know how many fans we had at different spots, we thought know one would know us there, but when we got there we were so surprised because they knew us, especially in New York, people were screaming OMG in time square, and we were looking around, like who are they screaming at us but it was just a great experience, especially at meet and greet, we love our fans, and when we perform to be able to connect with the fans, when I sing to them or rap to them I love that part, being on stage all together, we are like a big family, we call each other big bros or little bros and at the end of the day we support each other.



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