The OMG Girlz Talk With Bossip About Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won't Let Them Date

**BOSSIP EXCLUSIVE**: The OMG Girlz Talk Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won’t Let Them Date

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: So no crushing? No favorite guy?

OMG Girlz: People always think that you like this person you like that person, because we were on tour together, but really are all just like family, we all came on the tour, we knew some of the people before we were on tour so we just became like family

Bossip: So, how did you know them?

OMG Girlz: We have known Jacob Lattimore since we were 12, he actually came to my birthday party, and sang to me, happy birthday, but that was before he was “Jacob Lattimore” We met mindless behavior at the BET after party, the next time we meet them was at the closer to my dream tour, that’s when we got kind cool with them, and then that’s when we were on tour with them. We met Diggy at his birthday party when he turned 16.

Bossip: So you guys already know all these guys, I sure you guys get sick of asking this question, but who are your celebrity crushes?

Beauty: Well I like, Tyga and I really like Drake

Baby Doll: I love Chris Brown

Star: Chris Brown is my first celebrity crush, Nick Jonas, and Johnny Depp

Bossip: So are you guys dating now? How do you deal with it, We know you guys have really protective families.

Star: My parents are very protective, not so much my mother, more my dad, he doesn’t like new boys, and that goes for all of us,. He checks everything we do, every time we talk it’s usually about boys

Bossip: what kind of advice does he give you about boys?

OMG Girlz: Boys are no good, I trust you girls, it’s the boys that I don’t trust because I know what goes through these little boys mind, you can ask me anything, he tries to play that role, so he can figure out what is going on. We really don’t have time for boys.

OMG Girlz: We have a lot of guy friends, we have a few female friends, but they tend to bring a lot of drama, so we like to hang around a lot of guys because they are chill, laid back and they are very understanding of what we do, so they don’t catch feelings if we don’t get to hang out because of our schedule.

Bossip: Do you feel like you have more haters, what is your reaction of other grils, are you guys still in school?

OMG Girlz: No we are online schooled



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