The OMG Girlz Talk With Bossip About Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won't Let Them Date

**BOSSIP EXCLUSIVE**: The OMG Girlz Talk Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won’t Let Them Date

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: Do you guys find girls saying mean things and causing drama often?

OMG Girlz: Twitter all the time, they are always saying negative things, I never really understood it, we are out here doing something positive for females, we ignore the negative and focus on the positive, we are all about girl power.

Bossip: Do you guys feel like you have to be role models to younger girls in the subject matter of your songs? Do you guys cater to that?

OMG Girlz: Yes, that like a big major thing for us, we want them to be able to understand what we are saying, our songs are speaking to what teenage girls to girls our age or younger are feeling, so that way their parents can know when they are listening to the music, how their daughters are feeling, if they don’t understand. We want to send messages out to how girls feel now a day, or just have fin, a variety of things, we do it through R&B, hip hop, pop, a whole mixture

Bossip: Your latest song is huge, we sing it in the car like, “Gucci this, Gucci that” how did that song come about? Do you guys really rock the Louis Vuitton, Gucci?

OMG Girlz: Sometimes we wear designer things, but really love forever 21 and H &M, don’t let the boot fool you, I only got these on because I thought it was going to rain, we wanted a fun song, that everyone could jam to, some people are like” the only thing they are talking about is money and what they can buy” the whole purpose of the song is to make it relate to you, work hard to get you a Gucci bag or louie bag, be independent, do depend on anyone to get you those things, be independent

Bossip: Since you all got signed, have you made any huge purchases?

OMG Girlz: I think the biggest purchase I have made since I been signed was buying me and my mom Iphones, Recently, I bought a Michael Kors bag, really I send the most out the group, I bought my grandmother a Michael Kors a watch, my sister diamond earning for Christmas, I really don’t spend a lot of money on myself more so my family, I make sure everything I get there are going to get as well.

Beauty: I still put my name on everything, I am still in the stage when I can put my name on a gift and it will be from me as well.

Baydoll: I like to save my money when I get a chance Ill spend money on my family, I like to save money, I am very cheap.



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