The OMG Girlz Talk With Bossip About Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won't Let Them Date

**BOSSIP EXCLUSIVE**: The OMG Girlz Talk Musical World Domination, Dealing With Haters And Why T.I. Won’t Let Them Date

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: You seem very close, what is the dynamic with that, I know the closer you get with your friends there is going to be drama

Beauty: Me and star have know each other our whole life, our parents have been best friends since they have been 13, we met baby doll like 2 years ago, we saw her dancing on youtube, we called her up to Atlanta, she went the through the audition, really we already knew before she came up here we were going to put her in the group

Bossip: Talk about that, that must have been crazy!!

BabyDoll: it was a blessing, I was very happy when I got the call from the attorney, I wasn’t expecting it, I was in my mother’s room chilling and then she called

Bossip: So you had never met them before??

Babydoll: I knew them as the OMG Girlz and Tiny and Toya, I watched the show, I thought they were so beautiful, I always wanted to sing or rap, or be in entertainment, so when I go the call, I was like this is it! I was excited, I was ready to work, they called me up and I had to do a couple of things, so when I was finally in the group I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to work with them.

OMG Girlz: you knew you were in the group on your way up here

Babydoll: I didn’t know that, I was just hoping, I still love it, I feel blessed to get this opportunity

Bossip: Let’s hit on the fashion, we did a twitter search, and everyone wanted to see your shoes, so people look up to you guys. Tell us when your fashion and expression comes from?

OMG Girlz: A lot of it is us, we are really opinionated on what we want to wear every day, and they still help us and get our stuff together but we all get our ideas together on wheat we like to wear

Bossip: So it comes from you, not a stylist?

OMG Girlz: Yeah nobody, I tear up my clothes everyday trying to get dressed. Even when we do certain events like 106 & park, we were really active on what we had on, what kind of pants we wore, not so much the shoes, the shoes were amazing though, on how our hair was going to be, our parents are really cool on letting us decide our hair, they are like, “okay this is how you want to do your hair, that’s fine.” Our hair colors came from us; my mom was like you should get your hair all pink

Bossip: Has their been a time when your parents were like no you’re not walking out the house like that?

OMG Girlz: My mom has done that before but her dad does it the most, we could have on some shorts or cute little crop top on and its 100 degrees but he will tell us to put some jeans on



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