Secret Relationships We Learned About Later

Secret Loooovers! Secret Relationships We Didn’t Know About Until Years Later

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Secret Relationships We Learned About Later

Secret loooooverrrrs, yeah. That’s what we areeee. Trying harrrrrd to fight the wayyyy we feeeeelllll!

It’s hard to hide anything from us these days in the information age. But there was a time when secret relationships were easier to hide. Just think, if Rihanna and Kutcher were famous in the 80s and 90s they could have gotten away with their secret tryst. They could have been like these celebrities, who had secret affairs that stayed secrets for years, but eventually came to light.

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston – Word just came that MJ was madly in love with Whitney. We wish we could have seen them together.

Jay-Z and Carmen – Jay didn’t reveal his affair with Nas’s baby momma until they got into a nasty beef over the whole thing. Then she wrote about it in her book…yet she claims Nas is the bad role model? But…nevermind.

Superhead – She revealed all of her conquests in a book a few years after they happened. H*es be winning.

Glen Rice and Sarah Palin – We just learned a year ago that Glen Rice was chopping those political cakes to smithereens. And we haven’t slept since.

Dwyane Wade and Lauren London – Shaq revealed in an email that D Wade was chopping down London’s cakes a while back. Still not sure if it’s true.

Thomas Jefferson – His secret slave baby mommas didn’t become known for a hundred or so years. He’s an OG dirty dog.

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    Jay-Z and Aaliyah – Pictures surfaced not too long ago insinuating that the two of them had a little fling while she was also flinging with Dame Dash. Interesting.

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