Cougar Chronicles: J-Lo And Her Little K-Fraud Casper Smart’s Little Love Affair Causing Major Problems On the Homefront

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Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart’s Relationship Causing Family Problems

Damn, little K-Fraud Casper is causing all kinds of family problems:

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s boyfriend CASPER SMART is struggling to prevent an all-out family war! While some family mem­bers have been the recipients of lavish gifts and five-star treatment thanks to Casper’s romance with J.Lo, other rela­tives have been left in the cold – and they’re hopping mad!

“Some people in the family are dirt poor and they feel like they’re being ignored,” said a family source. “J.Lo has made sure that when she and Casper have been on trips together, most recently to Acapulco, he’s brought back presents for his mom, his twin sisters, some cousins and a few other people. “The people who have been left out are jealous, and it’s created a big family feud.”

According to the source, one of Casper’s aunts is even flying in from Australia to try and get in on the “family lot­tery”! While those in the anti-Jen­nifer camp have accused her of using the 25-year-old backup dancer to make her soon-to-be-ex Marc Anthony jealous, those on Team J.Lo are pushing Casper to pop the question!

“They want him to propose before she changes her mind,” said the source. The family insider said Casper, who has only been dat­ing the 42-year-old “American Idol” judge for a little more than six months, has fallen “head over heels in love.” And he al­ready has the engagement ring – a gold heirloom that belonged to his grandmother.

“She passed away about 12 years and her ring has tremendous sentimental value to Casper,” said the insider. “He believes that Jennifer will be touched by it, even though he doesn’t have the type of money that Marc Anthony had to impress her with expensive jewelry.”

According to reports, J.Lo gives Casper a $10,000 weekly allowance and recently gifted him a custom Dodge Ram truck for his birthday on April 6. “Casper is so grateful and so happy, he’s ready to make it permanent with Jennifer,” said the source.

But he has to wait until she’s officially divorced from Marc. He filed on April 9, and California has a six-month waiting period before a divorce is finalized.

Despite the wait, “Casper is trying to keep momentum in the relationship going and is hinting at throwing her a pri­vate party in August,” said the source. “Of course, his family members all want their invites!”

We bet this freeloading azz cat is happy and trying to make it “permanent” with Jennifer. SMH.


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