New Music: Jamie Foxx’s, “Intuition”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Check out Jamie Foxx on the cover of his new album, “Intuition.” He has a solid production and writing team consisting of Timbaland, Tricky Stewart, The Dream, Sean Garrett and more.

Our intuition tells us that with the names mentioned above, this album is almost a sure bet to be hotter than “Unpredictable,” but we want to know: who’s going to buy it when it comes out Dec. 16th?

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  • JOEY B


  • Babegyrl

    I think I’ll pass, thank you very much

  • dayg715

    you couldn’t give me that mess.

  • Babegyrl

    Well low and behold, I’m #2……. first time for everything, so what the hell do I get…..

  • Oshie

    I love Jamie Foxx, I’m sure it will be just as good as his last one. I don’t buy cd’s though, tee hee.

  • iluvprada

    I think I will have to go and cop dat when it hits the stores…and it looks like he got some good artists on his album 2, so it ‘should’ be hott!

  • Vee-Like Garfield I Hate Mondays :-(

    I might buy it—folks on here let one person say something then 99% of them follow suit. Think fo’ yo’ dayumn selves! Its my $…Jamie CAN sing…so I might buy it. Now if he couldn’t sing my answer would be HELLS NAW.

  • Jay

    omg PASS…

  • Nina Knows

    Why does Jaime and Diddy always dress like this.

    tight white tee, dark glasses, leather jacket, same facial expression… boring and typical

    I think the CD may be good, he is talented, I just dont like his attitude.

  • 007

    Im def coppin it 1st day, the last one has been the closest CD to 90s RB in years(if you are a fan of that sound)

    Definite classic. Hope this one is just as good!

  • deafjam04

    I will buy it. I love Jamie Foxx and definitely respects him as actor.

  • deafjam04

    I will buy the cd. Love and respect him not only as a actor but a singer also.


    @ ATHENA

    thats stealing! its called piracy.. im sure you wouldnt like it if someone took credit for your work

    ANYWAY.. some of yall tripping because Jamiee Foxx is the ONLY relevant thing in RnB right now because Ursher has fallen all the way off. so yes i will definitely stroll into Target to get that explicit version lol

  • B Nice

    I’d buy it…the singles are hot!!!

  • Terrea

    Im gonna buy it, I will buy cd’s if I think it’s worth it or if I know it’s worth it, Jadakiss Jamie Foxx TI Kanye Luda Beyonce I can name a few more but…


    LOL Seeing since I haven’t bought a CD since 1999 I will be getting this ish from Limewire! THANK YOU VERY MUCH JAMIE!!!

  • DC D!V@*~

    I soooo love Jaime Foxx! I still listen to his cd to this date. Thats what 3 yrs! Damn that cd brings back sooo many good memories from a point in time in my life i truly wish. I only hope well im sure this one will be even better.

  • DC D!V@*~

    And whoever said they couldnt relate or didnt like that cd is crazayyyyyy! CLASSIC!!!

  • Creole Baby Justa Snare & a 808

    next — sorry jaimie

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  • Katherine

    ummmm i’ll do the same thing I do with every album..listen to it on the internet and then see if it’s any good, if it is i’ll buy it..

  • Failin Pailin

    The CD is going to be leaked by next week. How much you wanna bet that half the people here are going to download, skip through a few tracks, and then move on to the next thing?

  • Sticky-n-Sweet


  • Trinidad, Adventist. Gay?!

    Not me. Music is struggling these days.

  • sylvia

    I will…download it that is. His first CD was hot

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