Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Admits She Planned Hubby’s Murder With Her Preacher!!!

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This lady ain’t isht and neither is the preacher who delivered the eulogy knowin’ full well he murked dude… SMH!

Missouri Woman Pleads Guilty To Plotting Husband’s Murder With Family Preacher

Teresa Stone, her voice sometimes unsteady and at least once close to a sob, pleaded guilty Monday to helping plan the March 2010 slaying of her husband, Independence insurance salesman Randy Stone.

According to prosecutors, she conspired with her minister, David Love, who admitted last year that he fatally shot Randy Stone in his Noland Road insurance office.

Love is serving life in prison in the case.

Teresa Stone, 40, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, a class B felony, with the understanding that her maximum sentence would be 10 years, officials said. Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Marco Roldan scheduled a June 15 sentencing hearing.

During a 20-minute proceeding in the Jackson County Courthouse Annex in Independence, Teresa Stone gave brief, affirmative answers to a series of questions from Roldan, assuring him that she understood the charges and that she was waiving her right to a trial.

She didn’t explain what prompted the killing but grew emotional when she admitted, while answering questions from her lawyer, John P. O’Connor, that she helped plan her husband’s murder.

Although prosecutors have not volunteered the evidence that led them to Stone and Love, relatives of Randy Stone have pointed to a long love affair between the two.

In November, Love pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and armed criminal action. His decision to plead guilty was not contingent upon him testifying against Teresa Stone, Love’s lawyer said at the time.

Love once was the pastor of the Stones’ Independence church and delivered part of the eulogy at Randy Stone’s April 2010 memorial service.

In a self-help manual that Randy Stone routinely consulted, he identified Love as the “most influential” person in his life, and attended weekly counseling sessions with him. Stone family members have said they believed that he did not know of his wife’s affair with Love.

Love resigned as pastor of New Hope Baptist Church shortly after Independence police searched the church for evidence in Stone’s killing. Love soon moved to South Carolina and was working as a truck driver there when authorities arrested him in November 2010, after a Jackson County grand jury indicted him on charges of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Randy Stone, 42, had been active in the church at 18000 E. Lexington Road, including driving a Sunday school bus. Stone once led a mission trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he and a crew of volunteers helped establish a new church. Just months before his death, he and his family traveled to Argentina to bring fellowship and encouragement to another New Hope Baptist Church member who, with his family, was working to establish another church.

But Stone left the church about two weeks before he was killed, according to Koehler, who said he was apparently upset that funds raised for specific projects may not have gone to those projects. Her son, she said, had been going through a personal transition. At the time of his death, he was in the process of setting up as an independent insurance agent.

Independence police found Stone’s body in his Noland Road insurance office on March 31, 2010.

At Stone’s memorial service, Love told mourners: “We come to the word of God to try to reconcile the difference between man’s point of view that death seems so permanent and God’s point of view that death is precious.

“We sit here and we weep not just because of the separation from our loved one but because of all the questions that death brings, questions like ‘Why?’ ‘Why him? ‘Why now?’

“Without answers, death seems so cold.”

Randy and Teresa Stone, who married in 1990, had two children, Michael and Miranda.

Teresa Stone had pleaded not guilty last June, after a Jackson County grand jury indicted her for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. She remains free on bond, although Roldan instructed her to meet with parole and probation workers who will prepare a sentencing assessment report and to be prepared to begin serving any sentence announced on June 15.

SMH… This broad is only gonna do 10 years behind bars, but we’re pretty sure she’s already reserved a spot in the fiery pits of hell.

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