Fawk A Thug: Ungrateful Son Murked Dad And Grandma And Threw A Party With Dead Bodies Still On The Property!

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This guy ain’t isht!

Maplewood, NJ Man Kills Adoptive Father And Grandmother Then Throws A Party

Suds flowed as guests had no idea one corpse lay on the sunporch and another stuffed in a parked car stashed in the garage! The host, police say, was the killer.

His name is Dwayne Flourney, 26, and his alleged victims were his adoptive father Brian Flourney, 52, and his 76-year-old grandmoth­er Sandra Flourney.

Police say Dwayne, who lived at the home in Maplewood, N.J., with his dad and grand­mother, attacked Sandra with a knife on the afternoon of March 10 and stabbed her multiple times.

After stuffing her body into the car trunk, Dwayne cleaned the knife, waited for his father to return home from work and stabbed him to death, too, according to cops.

Then Dwayne called friends and invited them to a party.

Katherine Turner, spokesperson for the Essex County pros­ecutor’s office, told The ENQUIRER that Dwayne cleaned up the house enough so that the guests didn’t see any signs of a struggle.

“There were no copious amounts of blood in the rooms where the gathering occurred,” said Turner.

Police say the suspect had cov­ered Brian’s body with pillows and a blanket on the back porch, then pushed a heavy table to block the porch door.

“No one wanted to move it to go out there,” said Turner.

When the guests arrived, Dwayne told them his grandmother was on vacation and his dad, a senior investigator for the public defender’s office in the neighboring county, was out of town.

About 10 people attended the get-together. A beer pong drinking game was set up on a living room table and guests downed numerous six packs of brew just feet from Brian’s body.

The shindig lasted past midnight, and after the guests left, Dwayne fled in his father’s car, police said.

Two days later, when Brian failed to show up for work, his co-workers called police, and they discovered the bodies.

The cops say they quickly found the murder weapon as well as other evidence that im­plicated Dwayne in the crime. He was arrested for the double murder at the home of a girlfriend.

No motive has been re­vealed, but friends of the Flourney family said there was bad blood between Brian and Dwayne, who was unem­ployed and had been arrested for drug possession and theft.

“His father loved Dwayne unconditionally and had al­ways been fighting to keep him out of trouble,” said Pas­tor Bryant Ali, who knew the family. “But I don’t know what made it go all the way to this. That’s even beyond thug behavior. They have a conscience, so to speak, when it comes down to fathers, mommas and grandmothers. WHO kills their grandmother?”

Really doe. How you gonna murk Grandma?

This ish happened a few months ago. Hopefully he is getting the “royal” treatment in the big house, and by royal we mean “royal pains in the a$$”.


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