Hangin’ With The Fellas: The Weirdest Bromances That Make Us Feel Uncomfortable

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Weird Celebrity Bromances

These guys really, really love each other.

There’s nothing wrong with two men hanging out. And being friends. And loving each other. At all. Nope. Nothing wrong with it. Except, maybe, sometimes it gets a little weird. We’re not gonna lie, these guys hanging out has made us feel a bit odd from time to time. Want examples? You know we got you covered.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James – LeBron let everyone in the world hate him just so he could go play with his friend. And he couldn’t even do press conferences without Batman there to help. Weird.

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent – Even their baby mommas give them the side eye.

Drake and LIl Wayne – Drake is so oddly in love with Wayne that he brags about banging his leftovets.

Diddy and Rick Ross – Well any time Diddy’s involved…never mind…

The Jersey Shore Guys – They love each other and tan together and admire their bodies. Losers of a feather…

Will Smith and Tom Cruise – Um…how’d these two become friends again?

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    Wayne and Baby – They kiss on the lips so there’s that.

    Dr. Dre and The Game – Game made a song where he acted drunk and rapped about missing Dre as his buddy. That’s bizarre.

    Kris and Rob Kardashian – They became buds while Kris married Kim. But not buds enough for Rob to warn him that the marriage was ruined.

    Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley – These two loved each other so much that when Mobley was traded that both of their careers went down the drain immediately. They couldn’t play without each other. What kind of isht is that?!

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