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What the hell is this piece of isht smiling for???

Ex-NYPD Cops Sentenced To 75 Years For Sexually Assaulting Woman At Gunpoint

Former cop Michael Pena, convicted of terrorizing and sexually assaulting a Manhattan school teacher at gunpoint, will be 103 years old when he gets his first shot at parole.

Pena, 27, got hit Monday with a 75-year-to-life sentence which means that he will likely die in prison.

The sentence brought a rare smile to the face of the 25-year-old victim, who was outraged when the same jury that convicted Pena of sexual assault deadlocked on whether he actually raped her.

“That day was supposed to be a new beginning for me,” the nervous victim told the court in a high-pitched voice before Pena was sentenced. “My life has been shattered.”

She said Pena destroyed forever her sense of security and independence.

“This has impacted every single aspect of my life,” she said. “He used his weapon and basically destructed my life with the choice he made that day.”

The soon-to-be inmate offered a half-a$$ed apology after the verdict was handed down.

“I’m deeply sorry for my conduct last August and the pain it caused.”

Pena paused for a moment and then resumed speaking.

“I deserve my punishment,” he said. “I will always carry the shame and burden of my actions. I have no explanation for what happened that day.”

With cops like these, who needs criminals??




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