Cape Peninsula University Of Technology Student Suspended Over Racist Facebook Rant Calling Blacks “F***ing Brain Dead Monkeys”

- By Bossip Staff

Apartheid may be over but racism is most definitely alive and kicking in South Africa.

South African Student Suspended For Racist Facebook Rant

The saddest part is that the latest attack came via social media from a college student! You would think the young folks would be more open-minded, but not this guy, Tom Sinclair. Check out what he posted on his Facebook page:

He can’t be serious with this isht right? Well the lil mud huts comment was bad enough, but it got much worse.

Hit the flip to see what we mean.

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  • samjay03

    Reblogged this on jamelamaake and commented:
    Apartheid in South Africa is not yet over,people may seem to have forgot, some are constantly reminded of it, some are practicing it in private and some just do it in public.

  • kgasago

    I am very disappointed to see this kind of story. Its about time we initiate campaigns which says no to racism. This is serious matter and is affecting our society.

  • 1lirel

    the behaviour of apartheid is from the blood. those who practice this are not church goes or they do not read a bible. who can you hate or kill people because of their colour or tribe; or hate people because of what they express. NO, God created any tribe and o love us equality regardless of poor or rich.

  • 1lirel

    i concur with you kgasago is to doany step that will bring peace but Nelson Mandela made a mark, i though they listened to him but stil……I say NO LOVE, NO”UBUNTU”, NO PEACE..God is Love and Peace.

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