Aubrey Ho’Day Says She Doesn’t Deserve Her Slorish Reputation… Because She Was A Virgin Until Her Senior Year Of College!

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Shocker right?

Aubrey O’Day Denies Promiscuous Past, Says She Remained A Virgin Until College

If you haven’t had enough of Aubrey beyotchin’ about mean ol’ Arsenio Hall embarrassing her on “Celebrity Apprentice, you’re in luck. The singer recently opened up her legs about the incident in an interview with Celebuzz. Check out what she had to say about her argument with Hall and why she doesn’t even really qualify as a slut:

You are doing so well on Celebrity Apprentice and it’s such a big hit. Are you happy that you did the show or has it gotten too crazy?

You know it’s definitely crazy and I was warned more than once that a lot of celebrities aren’t happy [on the show], but you know, I feel like you can never regret anything you do in life. I think that everything that happens to us–people, places, things, experiences– are all in our life for a reason. It never does any good to look at the negative of those things, you kind of have to learn the lesson from whatever the experience is and take it with you on your journey forward. I mean, I am excited that I got to show a different part of my persona that people don’t necessarily see, like the business side of me. So I think that coming from back in the Making the Band days where I was a young girl who had just left college, I think that its nice to kind of be able to evolve in front of my fans that watched the show and who have been there from the beginning.

During the episode before last, things between you and Arsenio Hall got pretty heated once again. Do you regret any of the comments you made to him looking back now?

Right, you know at the time those were the feelings that I had towards Arsenio. I came off of having just lost respect for him once he had kind of crossed boundaries on the show and called me a sl*t and who*e. On the show I just had a difficult time seeing him with the same respect that I had for him going into the situation. But I think everything in life comes full circle and I hope that that relationship can as well.

The sl*t comment seems really inappropriate, though.

It was a really strong attack out of nowhere, kind of surprising. It also had nothing to do with the competition. If you see for the most part, everybody takes jabs at each other, everyone has lost their cool, and everyone displays highs and lows through the competition and season of The Apprentice. But I think that was a moment that, I don’t know, was wrapped up with other intentions that had nothing to do with the show.

Did I hear correctly last week on Love Line that you didn’t lose your virginity until later than most?

Right! Not until senior year of college. I have friends who [had sex] in high school. I never cared about sex in high school. I was also so into performing. I was always on stage so I never made those types of relationships or had that type of understanding of what everyone else was going through at that time. I was never really exposed to it enough to understand it, or want it, or care about it.

I do think that regardless of whether I had been sexual early on or not, or how many partners I’ve had its just a degrading comment across the board. No one really is evil, and no one really is slutty, or whatever, they’re just behaviors and names to degrade people. Everyone is just trying to make it through life as best as they can.

Do you get bothered by those “sl*t” comments and misperceived reputation, then?

You know this is what I’ve learned in regards to [sl*t] commentary. Obviously I think that in some point in life it’s good to stand up for yourself. I think that for the most part, we’re not ready as a society to really embrace someone who has a lot of different characteristics that are seen as desirable. I think that it’s nice to have a pretty girl who’s dumb or a really smart person who isn’t as good looking. But when you have someone who is able to excel in many different areas or categories as a woman and have the confidence and appreciation for that, I think that not everyone is ready to be challenged by that thought.

I think I have been called everything under the book that I am not. I think it starts with usually sl*t, wh*re and things like that and progresses to b*tch or self-centered, egotistical. At the end of the day, once I think people get tired of that name-calling, they get to a point where you either recognize it or you recognize that you are unable to feel comfortable around someone like that.

Well you go girl! Riiiight? Are you buying Aubrey’s brand of female self-empowerment, or does she need to just get a chair and… ho sit down?

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