The Dirty Awards Black Carpet

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s the fire-starter in the flesh on the black carpet. Yes, the black carpet. Red just would have been too much like right. Among the no-names, a few people that you might actually know showed up in full ghetto garb. Check out the thumbs below.

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  • Hannibal

  • grey


  • Valenne


  • Mrs. Rance

    It’s starting to look like Atlanta is falling off the entertainment map. There once was a time when there would at least be some B-listers at these events. Lately they have been chock full of z-listers.

  • Nina Knows

    I think somebody stole David Banner’s swagger…

  • Kimberlee

    Keri Hilson sure is beautiful. Love that coat/jacket she’s rockin.


    Monica always look good in whatever her lil 2lb self puts together, she’d have it on lock if she was thicker and I dont know why Keri Hilson style just does not rub me the right way…


    monica alays look nice in whatever her lil 2lb self puts on.

  • da darkess

    ATL shawty, please believe it!

  • Lucifer

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  • da darkess

    these awards got the flava that would of had biggie ryming on his back. so playa. like really what has been the AMA since Mike Jackson performed and killed it with the glove and jacket and shades? dat was the bling. now today Lo shows its “showtime.” jewles is glistening.


    Is it me or did Soulja Boy lighten up his skin color. When he first came out he used to be blacka-den-black. Now he walkin round lookin like some TREY SONGZ color. LOL!!!!!!!

    Soulja, you been hangin out wit Michael Jackson. don’t mess yo face up like he did.

    Luv ya anyhow black-boy.

  • Taylor

    Where’s the pic wit Shawty Lo fugly ass baby mother??? Why does he have on Loui and his daughter is rockin Juicy and Uggs??? I’m just sayin.


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    well i dont expect much for Shawty Lo cause he is daym FUGLY himself..there is no amount of money he could offer…..

  • Talley-B

    keri hilson is FINE……


    Ummmm thats not Diamond a$$hole, thats Princess!!!!! SMDH..

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  • Almost Famous

    keri hilson is fine as hell. damn

  • Nina Knows

    PURRPLE.. whut up cyber BFF!!!

    omg, yes Shawty lo is hella fugly. In no way shape or form should he be with a banger. Plus he look old ass hell to me, I swear it must be like 45 trying to go platinum… smh


    LOL, Hey Nina Neen…im wondering around here lost lookin for a good post!!! my gawd shorty low makes me want to hurl…there is just no amount of money……

  • chaka1

    This is not an award, this a downgrade.

  • Tameka

    Is that Bonecrusher? Where u been? I love David Banner! Monica looks sweet as pie, as usual. I’m loving the jacket!

  • Tameka

    Monica looks lovely as usual. I love David Banner! Where have you been Bonecrusher? That’s all…

  • rayrayischillin

    Why do WE always have to turn ‘Sugar into $hit’?? Why is almost everything we do ‘HELLA GHETTO’!!

    SMDH!!!! :-\

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