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Famous Men That Beat Up Women

Why would anyone want to treat women badly?

Ladies are lovely. They’re soft and caring and carry our little ones in their nethers. So laying a finger on them is probably the crappiest thing any man can do. That’s why these guys are (ALLEGEDLY) creeps to the Nth power. We may forgive them but we can’t forget the drama.

Rae Carruth – Let’s start with the worst. He killed his wife and stuffed her in the trunk and is serving life in jail.

Mayweather – He’s going to jail soon for a domestic dispute.

Chris Brown – Yeah, we know what happened.

Joe Budden – Esther Baxter alleged that Budden assaulted her. She had the pictures, we seen em.

Brandon Marshall – His wife fought back and stabbed his a$$!

OJ Simpson – *cough*

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Mike Tyson – He allegedly beat on Robin Givens when they were married. But he denies it.

Wesley Snipes – He’s alleged to have beat on his ex. Possibly hoping a gang of tax money would fall out of her butt.

Dr. Dre – He allegedly smacked some chick at a club. That’s not right.

Ike Turner –They made a damn movie about him beating up his wife!



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