ChitChatter: Jackie Christie Speaks On Cheating In Her Marriage, Basketball Wives Boycott, And Bringing Reality TV To The Silver Screen

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Crazy a$$ Jackie is back y’all!

Jackie Christie Talks Basketball Wives L.A. And Cheating In Her Marriage

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Watching Basketball Wives it would lead you to the theory that all NBA players cheat. But you and your husband have made it work. How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel extremely blessed. I’m not saying our relationship is perfect. Of course we’ve had our ups and downs, but those hard times have only made us stronger. I’m thankful I have a husband that respects me, not only me but women in general. Of course, he’s had women approach him but he respected me enough to say to them “hey you don’t want to do this. I have too much respect for you, and my wife to ever cross that line.” I’m married to my best friend, we’ve been married for 16 years and we get re-married every year to celebrate our marriage.

So you know I have to ask. How do you feel about the petition against Basketball Wives Miami?

Honestly I’ve been too wrapped up in my own projects to watch this season of Miami. But I will say I think VH1 is doing a good job of portraying the wives. Of course, they cut and edit things but they are only editing things that we do. I can say I’m very pleased with how I was portrayed on the show.

What are you feelings on Basketball Wives LA Season 2?

I’m actually excited! I’m a little apprehensive but excited. I know that some of the girls might come back and have a few bones to pick and that’s fine. I believe that we are all grown women and should be able to admit to things that we have said. The he say, she say I don’t deal with it. If you’re grown say I said it, because I’m going to put it all on the table.

I read recently that they’re turning BBW’s into a movie. What do you think about that?

I’m excited about that. Shaunie and Traci are both friends of mine and I look forward to the movie. Hopefully, they’ll use some of the cast members from both shows in the movie. I’m unsure how it’s going to play out but I wish them the best of luck.

Will you be watching Basketball Wives L.A.’s new season? They seemed to be a LITTLE less ratchet than the Miami crew…

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