Where is Mariah Carey?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Look at that poor thang, Nick Cannon, doing corny stuff, like double pointing, to try to avert our attention from his sad puppy dog eyes. Is this the first sign that this marriage is on the rocks? SMH

More pics of Rodney Jerkins and Macy Gray from the Music Mogul Launch party in Cali below.

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  • KILO


  • KILO

    Follow UP!


    all of a sudden he look grown to me

  • KILO

    U slow U blow!

  • shar

    Yes, it’s nice to see him all suited and booted. But he should be careful he doesn’t want to look foppish.

  • KILO

    Nick C gettin his grwon man ON!! I think dey marriage is fine dey need time apart so she can miss da yamean and he can miss da yanoo imsayin!!

  • JOEY B

    mariah got nicks balls in her purse

  • dayg715

    how can a fake marriage be on the rocks? if i had to go home to some washed up old hag, i’d be walking around sad too.

  • roe ski love

    Nick Cannon got the juice now!

  • KILO

    grwon = grown.



  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Nice suit Nickkkkaaaayyyyyy

  • Don't mind me

    his really cute

  • sikadis ish

    Yeah…he might have been tired that day. Doesn’t mean that the marriage is on the rocks! I love Nick and Mariah together!

  • BoopBoopBeDoop

    There are plenty of couples not always together in pictures. It’s called having a life and responsibilities. No one says that about Beyonce and Jay Z (who always looks like he’d rather be somewhere else the few times he IS with her).

    I think “NicKiah” look good together. Nick seems to be a decent man. Mariah seems like she could need his type in her life.

    But…is that Macy Gray? Must have been a fun event.

  • Don't mind me

    very tasty mmmm

  • Oshie - Hay Kanye! I see you! Waddup!

    He looks like he’s been waking up next to Mariah Carey without makeup in the morning. That is my official diagnosis. Just call me Doctor…. Doctor Hotass.

  • Don't mind me

    delicious even

  • Candid Canuck

    Oh no…. he’s married alright. Those puppy dogs eyes are a phase newlywedded men go thru….It’s like your life is over feeling…. you start to feel old and responsible… trust me I know lol!

  • Brea

    LOL….@ Nick…lol…he does look real corny!

  • bria

    I think they are a normal couple. I think all of that top secret crap that other couple does is just silly. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are married. You don’t have to talk about your private life just because you have admitted it.

  • CAndy

    Mariah is the number one selling artisit of all time, she just broke the Elvis record, i would hardly call that washed up. Nick could do a whole lot worse than be married to her.

  • Kevin W.

    He better not let a real playa’ get a hold of Mariah.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Nick Cornball Cannon

  • Jasgood

    “Nickiah” doing fine they were together at the AMA’s on Sunday. I think they are a cute couple and Nick is still hot. Love his lil puppy dog eyes. Al B Sure mentioned him and Mrs Cannon on da radio in LA. I hope they do have a baby soon.

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