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The Goldman’s want to gank all the stuff OJ was trying to get in the hotel room and OJ’s homie is saying this is all a setup:

If the Goldman family has its way, it may soon own the sports memorabilia O.J. Simpson is accused of committing armed robbery to recover for himself. One man charged along with the former football star said Tuesday that the Las Vegas hotel room dispute seemed like a setup.

Walter Alexander, 46, said Simpson may have been tricked because the memorabilia dealer who tipped him off also recorded everything on tape. “It sounds like a setup to me,” Alexander told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday. He said Simpson had thought the memorabilia belonged to him after getting a call from the dealer.

What’s wrong with trying to get your sh*t back? Even OJ knows you can’t completely trust one-time, who is already leaking shady info to the press.


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  • BlahBlah

    I hate one-time, two-time, three-time, too-many-times!

    OJ was found NOT GUILTY, white people! Get over it!

    Oh and first?

  • Not You

    No more OJ please!

    OJ is a hot mess. Him and Britney need to ride off into the sunset together. Sick of them both!!!!!!

  • Sweets

    Yano I could care less about Oj but the Goldman family get on my nerves…They nothing more then money hungers crackers…I’m sick of these people..The white media is just lovin this…The media can be reporting on real issues(Jena6)but they wasting our time with Oj/Goldman/Brown….I wish they all would just drop off the face of the earth………And one more thing I hope Oj beats the system again just so those white folks can go crazy again……….Free Oj….

  • I Stay SMH

    Now see, I’m NO fan of OJ — but those Goldman’s are a mess!

    I bet if they found out he enjoyed hot baths, they try to confiscate his damn bathtub. Holding onto that hurt and resentment is making them look AWFUL!

    I am not saying get over your lost ones…but what good is it doing to dedicate your entire life and spirit into haunting that man?

    Let it go…THEY need Jesus!

  • I Stay SMH

    Geritol gang

    funny as shyddddd

  • Roni

    F*ck O.J.! Every time there’s news about him, here come the damn Goldmans. BTW-F*UCK THE GOLDMANS TOO!

  • Roni

    F*ck O.J.! Every time there’s news about him, here come the damn Goldmans. BTW-F*CK THE GOLDMANS TOO!

  • T

    OJ’s dumb a**, got himself into this.. He’s so stupid, why doesn’t he just keep quite and hide somewhere.

  • nahnah

    I really cannot stand OJ, and I think he’s an idiot who deserves to rot in hell, but the Goldman’s are doing things, not in the best interest of their son, but in the best interest of their pockets.

    It’s funny how they threw a fit when OJ was set to publish that confession book of his, but published it once they won the rights to it.

    The only reason white people refuse to get over OJ is because he murdered a white people. If his victims were kneegrows, they would have forgave him a long time ago.

    I think this whole OJ thing has more to do with false/white pride than justice.

  • ole school

    I Stay SMH wrote:

    “Let it go…THEY need Jesus!”

    The Goldmans are Jewish, so Jesus is not the messiah on whom they’re waiting. It’s uncomfortable watching the Goldmans on TV because their anger and bitterness is so palpable, but I won’t judge them. I don’t know what it must feel like to watch someone you think murdered your loved one get away with the deed and show no remorse for it. It’s gotta make you a little crazy. I’m not so sure I could just get over it.

    And so what if O.J. was set up in this latest fiasco? He took the bait and acted like a thug, barging into that hotel room armed with a posse, threats, foul language and, allegedly, a gun. Why didn’t OJ just hire a lawyer and sue for the return of his memorabilia?

  • nahnah


    as harsh as it may sound, i too am happy that o.j got off as a black man.

    murders are committed on a daily basis, but people(whites) can’t get over oj — and it’s only because he killed a ‘beautiful white blonde’ and a ‘handsome white hunk’. if his victims were black, they would not be losing so much sleep over is as they are now.

    the fact is that racism freed oj, and we did not invent it.

  • Angie

    Hate O.J., but I’m sick of the Goldman family always tagging behind on everything.

    Whatever happened to O.J.’s oldest daughter; the black one? She was trying to get famous for a second. I guess it didn’t take.

    Poor Sydney. I was listening to a 911 call she made a few years ago where she was crying that her Dad said that out of all his kids, she was the one he didn’t like and that she reminded him of her mother. What an asshole.

  • RU$$

    @ nahnah, “the fact is that racism freed oj.”

    PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • yes

    i feel sorry for those kids, i wonder what they are up to

  • http://aol Luci Liu2

    OJ’s a murderer. Get over it. He cut two people’s throats. It amazes me how many Black people support OJ, when he could give less than a damn about Black folks. The stupid Black women on the jury let him go because they were so starstruck. This man keeps a big breasted white blonde by his side all the time. In his mind, he is not Black. Nobody set him up. He’s stupid. Period!

  • I Stay SMH

    I don’t give a constipated rats ass about OJ!!!!!!!

    Losing a loved one in such a callous way is NO excuse for the things they are doing. He is gone. He is not coming back. Cherish his memory.

    Its not about putting yourself in anyone’s shoes. Cuz HELL YEAH I would be mad! But more than 10 years later I doubt I’d be WASTING and SACRIFRICING my peace trying to make such a miserable man any remorse.

    Holding on to whatever hurt they are feeling is going to KILL THEM. I mean really. At what point will they be satisfied. When will they decide that he finally has paid for his involvement?

    That day will never come!!!! And when it is all said and done, they will have lived this miserable life, chasing this fool around, trying to satisfy this unattainable goal. What kind of life is that to live?

    Lift up the memory of your loved one. Cherish and remember them. But you have GOT to move on!!!

    Look at Corretta, Jackie O. for starters. Do you think they let the trauma of their tragedies consume them so?


  • I Stay SMH


  • RU$$

    Every Blackman is automatically, GUILTY!!!!!! Thankfully we have a Jury System. 🙂

  • John

    OJ set his own self up. He should let the past be the past and leave those white women alone!!!!

  • MissJ

    I’m by no means an OJ fan, but you know YT has it out for his ass!!! This brotha killed a white woman and was aquitted…you know they’re not going for that! It was a complete set up and THEY have probably been devising this plan for years…

  • ~

    Not a ‘nare’ one of you assholes was with O.J. and saw him slash someone’s throat. The evidence was tainted and you should get the hell over it. The man was considered ‘not guilty’ by a jury of his peers and the only reason he’s always in the news is because of the spectre of racism.

    If you people were as judgmental about all of the Iraqis being killed as you are about the two white people O.J. supposedly killed, it’ll be a better world. You #$@! hypocrites.

  • simperfi36

    OJ needs a bullet right between his eyes.I hope the Aryan brotherhood gang rapes his white women loving self.Please OJ kill yourself,eat a bullet,drown yourself in the toilet bowl,hang yourself from your bed with your shoe laces,place a plastic bag over your head.I don’t care how you do it just do it Juice!

  • Dalia

    They set him up and he fell for it. I guess it’s true that fools RUSH in…

  • LetMeTellYa

    Oh, please; he set his own stankin’ ass up! It was a matter of time before someone got him on something. And for those folks who say, “The Goldmans are haunting him and following his every move”, you GET OVER IT. Hopefully, none of you will lose your loved one in a gruesome way.

  • Shootingstar

    OJ already had one “nicca wake-up” call. He’s not going to be happy until his ass is in a state pen somewhere.

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