Get Your Story Straight: John “Lemme Stroke Ya” Travolta’s “John Doe” Accuser #1 Admits He Got The Date Wrong, But Insists The Facts Remain!

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Does this mean that Johnny T is innocent??

John Travolta’s Sexual Abuse Accuser Admits To Having The Wrong Date Of Assault

The Plantiff who filed a bombshell lawsuit against mega-star John Travolta still maintains the Grease star made unwanted sexual advances towards him, but now says he got the date of the incident wrong, is exclusively reporting.

Travolta’s lawyer has insisted from the beginning that it was impossible for the actor to have committed the alleged assault on that date because he was in New York City and called the claims “fiction.”

According to sources close to the case, John Doe #1’s account of the incident remain the same, but the date on which he said the alleged assault took place was not January 16, 2012, but actually on an earlier date.

“It was a miscalculation,” one source said about the wrong date being claimed in the lawsuit. A second source said that the date change will not drastically affect the lawsuit filed against the star.

“The lawsuit will likely be amended, but this doesn’t change the facts of the lawsuit,” a source connected to the case told exclusively.

Despite having the wrong date, John Doe #1 is rock-hard in his stance that Travolta did him dirty.

“John Doe #1 gave very specific information, and staff from the Beverly Hills Hotel will absolutely be included as witnesses in the case.The source pointed out that Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer has been a pit bull against the claims, with Singer telling that they had flight and hotel details that would prove that Travolta was not in Los Angeles on January 16, 2012.“Let’s not forget John Doe accuser #2. It’s very interesting that Travolta’s team hasn’t gone after him,” the source pointed out.

With two lawsuits now filed against Travolta, the source said that even though the original date was wrong, they aren’t going to withdraw the suit, which accuses the actor of assault, sexual battery, and sexual harassment.

“This case will absolutely proceed through depositions and to a trial. The lawsuit can’t and won’t be thrown out because the date was wrong by the first John Doe, which will ultimately be up to a jury to decide. Both accusers are ready to go public, and aren’t afraid of John Travolta, and they will see this through to the end,” the source said.

Not sure how a jury is going to interpret the “miscalculation” of the date, but these guys sound pretty intent on dragging John out of the closet kicking and screaming!

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