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A lil’ freaky-deeky classroom fun got these boys a couple of felonies

Kentucky High School Students Arrested For Posting Upskirt YouTube Video Of Their Teacher

Two Kentucky high school students were charged with felony video voyeurism after they allegedly held a cellphone under a teacher’s dress and posted the video on YouTube.

Police say Doss High School seniors Devon Ewing, 18, and Eugene Cain, 18, coordinated the effort, claiming Ewing distracted the female teacher so Cain could slip an iPhone under her skirt inside their Louisville classroom.

They face school disciplinary action and if convicted, one to five years in prison.

According to the arrest warrant, Ewing asked the teacher for assistance and when she bent over to help him, Cain recorded her private areas by putting Ewing’s iPhone underneath her bottom.

‘One distracted the teacher in the classroom while the other one positioned himself to hold a camera with video capabilities underneath her skirt,’ said Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Lt Col Carl Yates to WLKY.

Eugene appears to be genuinely remorseful for his lil’ stunt.

‘I can’t take it back I just hope that god forgives me and that she finds it in her heart to forgive me,’ Eugene Cain said on his Facebook page, possibly referring to the teacher he hurt.

‘I F up big time. I did something dumb I could of justed F up my life (sic).’

He also complained about the food in jail, saying it was ‘nasty.’

His partner-in-crime (literally) Devon, is still trying to save face. SMH

‘I swear to god if anybody believes that f*cking news yall REALLY must not know me (sic),’ he announced.

At least one of these damn fools has a lil sense. “What you in for dog?”, “I took put a video of my teachers crotch on YouTube” SMFH




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