True Or False: Did Usher Really Chop Down Two Of Tameka’s Bridesmaids???

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The Usher/Tameka custody battle has gotten even messier. Apparently we missed a few juicy tidbits from the courtroom proceedings last week. Fortunately HipHopEnquirer had the full rundown, including how a marriage counselor testified that Tameka told him Ush got his “Climax” on with two of her bridesmaids:

Just before the trial concluded on Friday, Attorney Lisa West called to the stand Marriage Therapist Sola Winley who gave direct testimony as to why he believed Tameka Raymond was under a great deal of stress. One of the things that stood out in his testimony was the fact that Tameka told him that Usher had slept with two of her bridesmaids. This revelation apparently didn’t go well with Usher as he stormed out the courtroom during a recess mumbling the words, “Now I am sleeping with her bridesmaids?”

Would it surprise you if Ush had hit off a few of Tameka’s friends/bridesmaids?

That wasn’t the only damaging evidence presented in the courtroom. Former nannies threw both Ush and Tameka under the bus with details about how much they loved the kids but couldn’t deal with the horrible parenting going on.

Nanny Jenny Silva said her interactions with Usher were “not good” and her interaction with Tameka were “terrible”. Ironically Ush testified that he was willing to pay for Silva because he wanted insurance that someone would be with the children at all times because he knew Tameka might be away or not attentive. He cited two instances, one of which was Tameka leaving the house saying she was going to the movies, but being gone for 2-3 days leaving the children with Silva. Silva allegedly had many run-ins with Tameka regarding her lack of parenting, leaving for extended periods of time and not having food in the house.

“She (Jenny Silva) was more of a parent to the children than Tameka was at the time,” said Usher. Another issue was Tameka using Silva to care of all four children when she was only hired to care for Cinco and Nayvid.

Usher estimated the former couple went through 11 nannies since their divorce.

Another nanny Jackie Martin contacted court appointed guardian Dan Bloom via email regarding her fears about the adverse effect the inconsistent schedules were having on the boys. She claimed that after returning from visiting Usher the boys used profanity like “Holy sh*t.” She also reportedly expressed her frustration with Tameka and concern for the kids if she quit. Martin also shared a story about a Miami trip where she was forced to stay in the car with one of the boys for over an hour while Tameka, the other son and a friend with to a Miami Heat game because they didn’t have enough tickets.

SMH. This sounds like a damn shame, but they definitely need to be in court if they haven’t gotten it together by now.

Do you think the bridesmaids thing was just another reckless accusation by Tameka to make Ush look bad?

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