Pig “Jerad Wheeler” Under Investigation For Kicking Pregnant Black Woman In Stomach And Admitting To It! [Video]

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Georgia Officer Not Punished After Admitting He Kicked 9-Month Pregnant Woman In The Stomach

These motherfckers need to be dealt with:

A police officer from Dekalb County, Ga. with a history of violent conduct kicked a heavily pregnant woman in the stomach in a recent incident that the officer’s superiors described as within department policy. The incident occurred when officer Jerad Wheeler was called to the pregnant woman’s home to settle a dispute involving the woman’s brother and his partner. When her brother began arguing with the officer, nine month pregnant Raven Dozier said that Wheeler pulled out a taser and used it on him. When Miss Dozier started crying and asking the officer why he was resorting to such actions, Wheeler kicked her in the stomach, arrested her and charged her with obstruction of a police officer. Thankfully, the child was not affected and was born healthy via an emergency C-section two weeks after the incident. The charges against Dozier were dropped. “What kind of a human being kicks a pregnant woman?” said Dozier’s attorney Mark Bullman. “I mean, forget whether or not it is a police officer that is supposedly protecting people.” In his incident report Wheeler claimed that he could not tell that Dozier was pregnant and that he kicked her out of self defense because she was acting aggressively. Wheeler described the kick as “a front push kick to the abdomen, as he was taught to do at the academy

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