Watch Out Michelle: These Ladies Would Totally Let Barack Chop Down Their Cakes

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Women That Have Major Crushes On Barack Obama

Fact it…Barack Obama’s a hot older man.

Who wouldn’t want a man like Obama just for one night? He’s the president, powerful and a looker if you’re into old men. However, he’s married and damn happy. Plus his wife does one-finger push-ups and lifts tires for fun. So back off b****es.

You’ve been warned.

Obama Girl – Remember her? Obama Girl made videos about things she wanted to do to Obama. We’re sure Michelle has that Youtube channel blocked.

All Of England – No, that’s not a picture of England. It’s a phatty, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is: England voted Obama their 3rd weirdest crush once. The ladies love cool Barry.

Kerry Washington – Rumor has it she was cozying up to Barack when she visited. That isht didn’t fly.

Scar Jo – She’s called Obama her celebrity crush before.

Katy Perry – She’s had some very flattering things to say about Obeezy. We know she’d give him the biz.

Rihanna – She hasn’t said anything, but we get the feeling she’d give him the business if the time was right. Plus he’d bomb Chris Brown to smithereens for her.

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    Oprah – Look at how she’s looking at Barack…and how Michelle was about to whoop dat trick.

    Kim Kardashian – She hasn’t said anything…but who wouldn’t she let chop her down? Didn’t think so.

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