Newly Self-Proclaimed Racist & Fired National Review Writer Says The Term White Supremacist Gets A “Bad Rap”

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John Derbyshire Defends White Supremacy

Via Huffington Post:

John Derbyshire, the conservative writer fired from the National Review after writing a post on Taki’s Mag suggesting that whites keep their distance from blacks, has written a new essay defending white supremacy.

In a post called Who Are We? — The “Dissident Right”? on VDare, a site that is opposed to immigration and multiculturalism — and which is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — the English-American writer muses on how those who share his ideology should refer to themselves. The term “white supremacy,” he says, has gotten a bad rap.

“Leaving aside the intended malice, I actually think ‘White Supremacist’ is not bad semantically … White supremacy, in the sense of a society in which key decisions are made by white Europeans, is one of the better arrangements History has come up with. There have of course been some blots on the record, but I don’t see how it can be denied that net-net, white Europeans have made a better job of running fair and stable societies than has any other group.” Derbyshire doesn’t care for the term “white nationalist” either: “‘White’ isn’t a nation, nor likely to become one.”


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