Lawsuits: Sketchers Ordered To Pay $40 Mili After Falsely Claiming Its Ugly Azz Moon Shoes Would Turn Chubby Lumpkins To Bangers

- By Bossip Staff

Sketchers is being sued for putting it’s foot in its mouth for some sketchy advertising

Skechers USA Inc. has reached a settlement of $40 million for charges filed by the Federal Trade Commission for false claims about weight loss. Skechers claims its Shape-Ups shoes help people lose weight, along with its Resistance Runners, Toners and Tone-Ups shoes:

The settlement also bans Skechers from falsely representing studies on the shoes in the future, including the following:

*claims about strengthening;

*claims about weight loss; and

*claims about any other health or fitness-related benefits from toning shoes, including claims regarding caloric expenditure, calorie burn, blood circulation, aerobic conditioning, muscle tone, and muscle activation.

Part of the settlement also includes allowing any consumer that purchased these shoes to be eligible for a refund. Skechers is disputing the charges and currently seeking additional studies to validate their representation of the effectiveness of their shoe line.

SMH!! What happened to good ole’ fashioned diet and exercise? You don’t see people suing the Jordan brand because they can’t dunk? Plus, no matter horribly shaped you are, even if you’re shaped like a stadium, you should never, ever, feel bad enough to wear shoes that look like this. They’re way more uglier than rolls or stretch marks could ever be.


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