For Discussion: Official Autopsy Finds Trayvon Martin Had Drugs In System And Zimmerman Fired From A Close Range, Will This Change How You View This Case?

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Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman George Zimmnerman had the drug THC in his system the night of this death, according to new reports:

The revelation came as prosecutors in the case prepared to release to the public hundreds of pages of new evidence along with videos and crime scene photos. Martin’s death sparked public outrage after police released Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, without any criminal charges for the killing.

Zimmerman, 28, is a multi-racial Hispanic man who shot the black high school junior at close range on Feb. 26, and claimed self-defense, though Martin was unarmed. Zimmerman was later charged with second-degree murder, and the killing provoked widespread debate about racial profiling

The autopsy report shows traces of the drug THC, which is found in “kush”, in Martin’s blood and urine.

The autopsy also shows that Zimmerman shot Martin from a distance of between 1 inch and 18 inches away, bolstering Zimmerman’s claim that he shot Martin during a struggle that landed Zimmerman on his back, Martin straddling him and banging Zimmerman’s head on the ground.

Martin’s autopsy report also revealed that there was a quarter-inch by half-inch abrasion on the left fourth finger of Martin, another indication of a possible struggle. The teen, who lived in Miami, was in Sanford while serving a suspension for a bag of maryjane being discovered in his possession.

Slowly but surely the facts are starting to come out about this tragic night. Not only did the official autopsy find that drugs were found in Trayvon’s system, it’s also come to light that Zimmerman’s fatal bullet was fired from within a very close distance, which suggests that his claims of the night may be withstanding. With all these damning facts coming to surface today, will this change public opinion of how this case is viewed?


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