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Russian Man Stuck In Garbage Chute After Hiding From Girlfriend

This is comedy kinda. A Russian man got stuck in an apartment building garbage chute after he jumped in to hide and ended up slicking down three floors before coming to a halt. One-time had to use Jaws of Life to get him out. SMH.

A Russian man went to great lengths to hide from his girlfriend on Wednesday night when he jumped into a garbage chute on the eighth floor of his apartment building.

The unidentified man slid down the chute until he became stuck on the fifth floor of the building in Tyumen, Siberia.

Authorities confirmed to the Daily Mail that they were told of the situation after people in the building heard the man’s cries for help.

Rescuers used a Jaws-of-Life tool to free the man, according to reports.

He was not seriously injured is already back at work at his job, the BBC reported. The man refused to tell authorities what the fight was about, and it was not clear if the girlfriend was in the building when rescuers arrived, according to the Daily Mail.

SMH. You are so dumb *Antoine Dodson voice*




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