Think Your “Gaydar” Is On Point? New Study Shows You Might Be On To Something!

- By Bossip Staff

Can you point a gay person out on sight?

New Study Shows The Your “Gaydar” May Actually Exist

Nowadays, everyone believes that their “gaydar” is always on point. Well, a new study has just released its results and the findings are quite interesting.

The University of Washington performed a study in which a group of 129 student volunteers were presented pictures of both men and women, straight and gay, that were void of anything “telling” – hair, jewelry or anything else that might lend to indicating a person’s orientation – for 50 milliseconds each. Based on looking at the eyes and noses of those in the pictures and how they may fit together on one’s face, the group was able to correctly guess the person’s sexual orientation about 50-60 percent of the time. Some were even able to guess correctly when the pictures were shown upside down although the percentage did lower.

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