Oooh You So Sensitive: Chris Brown’s Biggest Meltdowns And Temper Tantrums

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Chris Brown’s Biggest Meltdowns And Tantrums

Chris Brown isn’t the model of stability these days. He’s always freaking out and acting like a big baby every time we see him. Either he’s crying or losing his temper or calling the woman he beat up a ho. Basically, he’s one of the hardest to like people on the planet.

Want some examples? You know we got you covered.

The Whole Rihanna Thing – Did you hear that he beat her up once? No? Well, he did.

The Raz B Fight – Breezy beefed with Raz via Twitter and threw out some homophobic slurs in the process. What a delightful fella.

Another Twitter Meltdown – He flipped out because he was tired of seeing Rihanna move on with other guys…pretending like he didn’t care by cursing for a few hours.

Bad Morning America – He didn’t like people asking questions about him beating up chicks, so he threw a tantrum and ran from the scene like a punk a$$.

The Drake Fight – Rumor had it that Breezy clocked Drake for his relationship with Rihanna. Dude, chill.

The Vegas Fun – And just this weekend he got kicked out of a club for acting a straight donkey a$$ as usual. SMH.

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    Blonde Breezy – This wasn’t a tantrum but it was damn sure a sign of a meltdown.

    Twitter Meltdown Again – Chris got all pissed because people couldn’t get his album in stores in some places. He felt he had a negative stereotype. Y’know, the stereotype that people get after BEATING UP SOMEONE!

    You Guessed It…Another Twitter Freak Out – When a random fan asked Breezy about beating Rihanna, Breezy went slap off and then even deleted his account for a little bit. Ugh…big baby.

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