Everyone Hates Wheelchair Jimmy: A Gallery Of People That Threw Shade At Drizzy Drake

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A Gallery Of People That Hate Drake

No wonder he’s so sad…

Drake is one of the most popular and famous rappers on the planet. But he gets his share of detractors. Namely other rappers and the women he banged before. They all have something to say about the way Wheelchair Jimmy has rubbed them the wrong way.

So if you’re friends with Mr. Tenderness, you may want to hide his eyes from this. Here’s a list of people that have negative things to say about Drizzy Drake.

Pusha T – He keeps dissing Drake and calling him out on his sweaters. Will Drizzy respond? Probably not.

Ludacris – He said Drake jocked his style with that stupid punchline flow. He also dissed Big Sean, too. But nobody paid attention.

Kanye West – He never sent a direct diss at Drake, but the tension is there. He also didn’t appreciate the Canadian running around with his ex Amber Rose

Catya – She threw all kinds of shade Drake’s way after their break-up. Said he couldn’t get the job done in the bed anyway.

Maliah Michel – Actually file her with the rest of Drake’s exes, too. They all had something bad to say. If Maliah could rap, she’d have a diss record for Drake on deck.

Common – They had the sissiest beef ever. Slap boxing punks.

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    Chris Brown – Breezy was rumored to have knocked Drake out at a club…but we’re a little skeptical.

    Beanie Sigel – Out of nowhere, he said he would smack Drake…just for being so pretty.

    DMX – He said the same thing as Beans. Dude says Drake had a funny-looking head and everything. Damn, X.

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