Dirty Dog Diaries: A Gallery Of Men That Left That A$$ For A White Girlllllll

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Men That Left Women For White Girls

Kanye made it famous that a man will get on and leave that a$$ for a white girl. Most men understand that a move like that is public relations nightmare, but they do it anyway. Tsk tsk.

Let’s take a look at some men that went ahead and left that a$$ for a white girl.

Rohan Marley – Lauryn was doing dirt, so Rohan went and found himself an international Becky to drown his sorrows in.

Kanye West – This is kind of cheating, but he left a racially ambiguous girl for a white girl. Even though he didn’t officially get with Kim until recently, he stepped out with her for sure.

Diddy – Yeah he went back to Cassie but Diddy left that a$$ for a little bit to get on that swirly action.

Michael Jordan – Soon as he and Juanita split he was riding around with this little Cuban jawn like everything was sweet.

Tiki Barber – He’s the dirtiest of all dogs leaving his pregnant wife for a slutty Becky.

Kobe Bryant – He definitely cheated on Vanessa with a Colorado Becky. And while he may not have left her this time, it damn sure went a long way to ending the whole thing.

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    Al Horford – He left his fiancee and married a Becky in the same weekend! That’s multi-tasking, kids.

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