Diddy Promises To Make It Rain In Miami, But Will His Baby Mamas Let Him Drop Them Dollas???

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Sean Combs aka Diddy appears on TBS's 'Lopez Tonight' where he talks about acting and being funny as well as to promote his new group 'Diddy Dirty Money'.

Diddy had a lot going on Thursday — between Heavy D’s birthday, his son Justin’s high school graduation and a plot to give away $2 million dollars.

Diddy went hard on Twitter yesterday promoting a weekend of Ciroc sponsored parties in Miami and Las Vegas and was inspired to even promise a hefty giveaway:

Diddy talks giving away money

Diddy giving away money

diddy stripper tweet

Diddy tweeted his support of the “stripper association” and offered to give regular civilians some tips too to pay their unpaid student loans, rent and weave funds. But after a few folks took Diddy a lil too seriously he backed off his promise.

Diddy tweets his baby mamas would eff him up for giving away 2 mil

Diddy tweeted that he was only joking and that Misa, Kim and Sarah would eff him up if he gave up that much of their child support.

Diddy says he'll give money to strippers

No worries to the strippers though, y’all are still getting caked on.

SMH. Pure comedy. Diddy is a hot mess. But kinda funny to hear him say his baby moms would eff him up. And we thought that aside from Misa, he had them ladies under control. Guess the secret’s out.

Speaking of Misa, hit the flip for some proud Daddy tweets about Justin’s graduation.

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