You Can’t Be Fokken Serious! 69-Year-Old Twins Have Been Slanging That Thang In Amsterdam To More Johns Than They Can Count!

- By Bossip Staff

These broads are 69-years-old!!! And they’ve been at it for a combined 80 years!

A new documentary, “Meet the Fokkens,” follows Martine and Louise, two endearingly dowdy sister sex workers, as they go about their daily lives in Amsterdam — eating dessert and seducing men.

“I can’t tell you how many tricks we’ve had,” Louise says in a clip from the documentary. “Countless.”

Though Louise is now retired due to arthritis, Martine is still very much active in the red-light community.

“She needs the money,” Louise explains. “You can’t live off a state pension.”

In the clip, Louise is seen giving Martine a pep talk.

“You did the work, you’ve been a whore,” she says. “You’ll never get rid of that name. They’ll always call you names, so be one.”

According to The Frisky, the two women originally started out in the profession under the control of pimps, but worked their way out of the system to run their own brothel years later.

The pair even helped found the first independent prostitutes union in Amsterdam.

“This is the story we wanted to tell,” directors Gabrielle Provaas and Rob Schroder said in a statement. “Louise and Martine are real old-fashioned Amsterdam hookers: liberated, cheerful and not scared of anybody.”

The film is in Dutch, with English subtitles, and is set for a two-week run at New York City’s Film Forum beginning Aug. 8.

We understand the folks are a lil more open-minded in Amsterdam but isn’t 69 a tad old to be bending over and giving out blow jays? Or does being able to take your dentures out make it worth that much more gwap?


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