Swole: Celebrities That Are Almost Too Damn Muscular For Their Own Good

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Celebrities That Are Too Muscular

We like our celebrities to look good most of the time, right? And being healthy is key. But sometimes celebrities take it a bit too damn far, hitting the gym and looking too built. These celebs need to chill from the gym for a minute. We like the just the way they are.

Flo-Rida – He was just muscular, but it keeps getting inflated to the point he looked like the damn Rock at WrestleMania this year.

50 Cent – He stopped worrying about making good music and started hitting the gym. And it all went downhill.

Rosa Acosta – We liked bendy, smooth Rosa a tad better.

Serena Williams – You ever seen a muscular phatty? Well she has one.

Ciara – She maintains her beauty but she’s also kind of built like Scottie Pippen.

Dr. Dre – How about you get ya swoll a$$ in the studio and make a record.

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    John Cena – How does he even move around the ring with all that muscle brushing up on him?

    Nick Cannon – Him being so muscular damn near killed him. Let Mariah take care of you, buddy.

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