Oxygen’s Sneak Preview of The Bad Girl’s Club New Season

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

By the looks of Oxygen’s upcoming season of The Bad Girl’s Club, these chicks definitely need an intervention. Hell, forget an intervention. These weaved up troublemakers need an old fashion @ss whooping.

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    AHHH FUK….



  • mandah... 21 like Black Jack... i had to tell em!

    i say this with mild shame, but i cant wait to see thes hoes pop off lmao! it is entertainment! nothing more! lol, i woulda checked that tricks chin up had she kicked me in my stomach like that lol


    their parents didnt love them enough. they didnt get enough hugs & kisses


    I love the Bad Girl’s Club, but why do all of these chicks have to be so bummy?

  • ME

    Another show that shows that b@#$@! are crazy. There is never a show that there are sane women in the world today. Every time I turn around there is talks about how they deserve respect and all this BLAH BLAH BLAH. But when you turn on the TV you get b@#$ tv like Real house wifes of Atlanta, Keisha Cole the way it is, this show, charm School, Real chance of love, Tila Tequila, Keeping up with the Kardasians, and Desperate House Wifes, Sex In the City, That show about Kimora Lee Simmons (Where she really think that she built that empire by herself without any help from Russel. Dumb broad) ANTM and so many other shows that are on TV if its not a show that shows how petty and b@#$# they are, its one that shows that they either cant choose what sexual oreintation they are or its one that shows that they are some nasty h@#$@ and really dont deserve the very thing that they ask us for, cause they dont even respect themselves. Now I am not saying all are like this I love most but the ones that are being displayed on TV are a depiction of what men have to deal with today.

  • Ermy Erm (Chitown Til It Go DOWN!)

    um WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW 😯 I am sooooo sick of “reality” tv

  • beloved

    agree with me

    i cant wait to watch it tho

  • intensemocha

    @ me

    funny you should say that but society likes bad girls and apparantly men do to

    good wholesome women who are taking care of their business, like paying their own bills with their own money that they earn working a 9-5, after earning a college degree, who don’t run the streets most men find boring…

    let’s keep it funky-what i notice is that good girls like bad boys and nice guys like bad girls-plain and simple

    Most men like a good chase & to divide and conquer-and bad girl gives him just that! he’s never sure if he’s the only one, she treats him like sh$t and he comes back for more, trust me I’ve seen it-I have a friend who treats men like dogs and men love her-she tells them things to their face that nobody would normally dare say like your ugly, or kiss my azz and they follow her around like a puppy dog-I swear

    now on the other hand a good girl who says I want to settle down and be with just one man-makes a nicca run the other way….because there is no challenge or drama; like men jumping out of the window etc.

    Men say they want a good woman and women say that want a good man; but what I find is that men and women seem to like bad boys/girls hence the drama!

  • tanisha

    say what you want but after that intro, i WILL BE WATCHING THIS SHOW. its already on the dvr line up

  • arionie

    i never did get the point of this show but hell ma azz will be tivo-ing this every tuesday nite…lol

  • ME

    @ intensemocha

    Thats what they want you to believe trust… Now all situations are different and there is no doubt in my mind that your girl is cray like that with guys but trust me behind doors she is giving them what they want in order to get what she wants and thats to treat them like “dogs” or whatever. The point that I am trying to make is that not all women are like that and I see this trend in television that is trying to make these younger people believe that this is what it is, and the truth of the matter is that its not! trust me in most areas women that act like that in REAL life are the ones that are getting beat, seperated from there familes or really in jail or maybe somewhere worst. I think as ladies yall have way to far to be displaying these characteristics. What do you mean a show of a woman doing her thang, being responsible and all that is boring? who says that. to tell you the truth nowadays i like watching the “flip my house shows” about ol girl thats a real estate agent that buys houses and flips them with her husband and double up on that money, thats wassup to me cause it shows she got her own hustle and she aint got to dress all crazy and sleep with a celbrity to make money or write a book about it! Women can be a little more original when it comes image and honestly women can do better is all that I am saying!

  • The Mrs

    Did you see them choking each other??!! That’s some serious rage right derr

  • Eden's Garden

    Like a bad wreck, I’ll be watching it. I’m a reformed bad girl, so I like the idea. :o)

  • Candace

    Oh snap!! That’s my sh*t right there!!! Can’t wait!

  • Candid Canuck

    Im growing sick and tired of these reality shows depicting love/sex scenes with the white girls only…. like the black girls can’t have fun and make love on camera………

    Every reality show is like that… RACIST…SMDH (in Disgust and discouragement.)

  • jaiiZ

    ow but imma watch it

  • intensemocha

    @ me

    men and women can do better, just sayin these same women who be acting a hot ghetto mess, wearing trashy clothes & talking loud are dating “men” okay

    and my girl would be at the club talking to these men like that and she’s a beautiful girl and she gets away with it trust she has a man at home that she’s been with for six years and she just enjoys flirting

    I’m talking about what I’ve seen with my own eyes-these were random dudes that would be trying to get at her not men she knew personally and they would lap it up every time she said something mean and they seemed to enjoy it and would come back for more-nope no booty was being exchanged and I have no reason to lie

    if she was fuc$ing em I would have said just that & we both know men would only tolerate treatment like that from someone they want some azz from not azz they already hit, some men will tolerate almost anything if they think they are going to get some-lol

  • Detroiter4Life

    Okay intensemocha yo 11:29am post is dead on!!! OMG! You are so right……I agree because I’ve seen the exact same thing and they (men) will fall all over you and let you do and say what you want when they “think” they gon get some. I’m feeling what you Preachin! ;o)

  • Binary Star

    POP OFF, SON!!!!

  • knowledge

    funny show ol girl was gettin chocked out…ya they wont last when the camera protection stops,but funny to watch

  • turkishjamaican

    no morals left in 09…

  • http://myspace.com/x_ticklemedope ebaY.

    i can’t wait !

    i love the bad girls club.

    i’m going to be on that show .

  • Kevin W.

    Damn! One of those chicks might die this season.

  • http://657946 nadjalee nevarez

    please can i be a bad girls club

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