Man Up: A Gallery Of Grown A$$ Men That Act Like Hoe-ish Gossip-y Babies

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Gallery Of Whiny Gossip-y Male Celebrities

We don’t want to put gender roles on people or anything but…

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing grown a$$ men pretending to be real hard when they’re actually cotton soft babies. There’s nothing worse than dudes running around gossiping about chicks and throwing shade like a group of jealous females. Fight it out like real men. It turns the ladies on.

Instead, we get these punks that continue to act like babies any time they get a chance. How sad.

50 Cent – He gossips and uses guys’ baby mommas against them? That’s acting like a hoe a$$.

Chris Brown – He treats Rihanna like she beat him up one day. Stop being a baby and tweeting your angst when someone else taps it.

Drake – Oh so we’re tweeting about being with Rihanna like we’re just giddy schoolgirls? Is that what’s hot in these streets?

Kobe Bryant – There’s a reason they call him Hobe Cryant. He snitches on teammates and throws hissy fits in the middle of games. Just retire already.

LeBron James – Maybe he’s just insecure from his hairline, but whatever the case, he cries and moans like a b*** when a call doesn’t come his way.

Toure – He’s annoying and is a glorified gossip-hound. Go do some journalism.

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    Joe Budden – All he does is rag on his exes. He’s also jealous of their success, too. Class act.

    Kanye West – He’s the hissy-fittiest rapper in rap history.

    Raz B – He put out a book like Superhead or some sh** talking about all the gay dudes he came across (word choice…). That’s some hoe mess.

    Bow Wow – He even threw a hissy fit at his mom on twitter. Do you need anything else?

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