Man Up: A Gallery Of Grown A$$ Men That Act Like Hoe-ish Gossip-y Babies

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drake wayne

Gallery Of Whiny Gossip-y Male Celebrities

We don’t want to put gender roles on people or anything but…

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing grown a$$ men pretending to be real hard when they’re actually cotton soft babies. There’s nothing worse than dudes running around gossiping about chicks and throwing shade like a group of jealous females. Fight it out like real men. It turns the ladies on.

Instead, we get these punks that continue to act like babies any time they get a chance. How sad.


50 Cent – He gossips and uses guys’ baby mommas against them? That’s acting like a hoe a$$.

Allegations surface that Chris Brown bought his Grammy Award

Chris Brown – He treats Rihanna like she beat him up one day. Stop being a baby and tweeting your angst when someone else taps it.


Drake – Oh so we’re tweeting about being with Rihanna like we’re just giddy schoolgirls? Is that what’s hot in these streets?

kobe bryant

Kobe Bryant – There’s a reason they call him Hobe Cryant. He snitches on teammates and throws hissy fits in the middle of games. Just retire already.

LeBron James – Maybe he’s just insecure from his hairline, but whatever the case, he cries and moans like a b*** when a call doesn’t come his way.


Toure – He’s annoying and is a glorified gossip-hound. Go do some journalism.

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    joe budden

    Joe Budden – All he does is rag on his exes. He’s also jealous of their success, too. Class act.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attending the 'Cruel Summer' presentation during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes.

    Kanye West – He’s the hissy-fittiest rapper in rap history.

    Raz B – He put out a book like Superhead or some sh** talking about all the gay dudes he came across (word choice…). That’s some hoe mess.

    bow wow

    Bow Wow – He even threw a hissy fit at his mom on twitter. Do you need anything else?

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