Chitchatter: Tami Roman Talks Getting Ran Off Twitter, Bully Backlash And How Her Boo Thang Keeps Her Ratchet Azz In Check

- By Bossip Staff

Evelyn and Jennifer drama got really explosive at one point, how do you feel about their beef?

TR: You know the two of them are going through their situation right now. EVELYN she doesn’t operate like,’You’re forty and you’re fighting on TV!’. I can tell you Evelyn she doesn’t work that way. If you set it off with her she’s going to set it off with you.

What does your man think of all the drama?

TR: My dude (Jerry Lamothe) checks me too he does not like any of the shananigans that goes on, on Basketball Wives. He’s like babe you gotta stop you can’t just you know. I like somebody that is comfortable enough in the relationship to be real with me I hate to keep saying be real but be unconditional, be caring, be supportive but also check me at the same time when I’m not acting appropriately you know as a grown woman.

Lastly how do you feel about the word bully?

TR: A part of my personality has kept me very defensive on a defense for a very long time. I don’t want to be the person that people feel is a bully, I know how to verbalize my opinions without getting physical.

We’re not buying any of this until we see Tami on one of Dr. Drew’s shows. THEN and only then, maybe we’ll believe she can change.



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