Freakazoids: Swirlin’ HS Teacher Caught Canoodling And Kissing Her Student Boy-Toy In The Park

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High School Teacher caught Kissing Her Student In Public

SMH at them get caught by other students who filmed them on a camera phone:

They look like a picture-perfect young couple kissing in the park. The problem is, she’s his high-school teacher. Stunning global-studies instructor Julie Warning got a bit too worldly with a pupil in the middle of a Greenwich Village park after school — and the makeout session was caught on camera by one of her own stunned students. The Department of Education reassigned Warning to an administrative position yesterday and turned the matter over to the department’s special commissioner of investigations, officials said.

“The photo is of a teacher and she has been reassigned,” a DOE spokeswoman said. Asked about Warning, an SCI official confirmed, “We have a case.” According to an eyewitness, the 26-year-old teacher at Manhattan Theater Lab HS near Lincoln Center looked swept off her feet as she sat on a bench near Bleecker Street, legs strewn across the lap of 18-year-old senior Eric Arty last Friday. They kissed and held each other passionately for more than 30 minutes, oblivious to any gawkers.

“It’s hard to fathom,” said the shocked classmate who witnessed the hot-for-student session. “I wish it was a different teacher, because she was well-liked. But the DOE should vet its teachers better if this is something she would do. She’s definitely the most appealing teacher in the school,” said the student witness. “She always wore nice skirts, and she had appealing tattoos all over her body.” But she looks even more like a wild child on her Facebook page. Photos show her double-handing beers, partying with cigarettes tucked behind her ear and drinking out of a beer bong.

Warning, of upstate Peekskill Lake, and Arty both denied that she is the woman in the photographed make-out session. “Yeah, that’s me. I’m kissing a girl,” Arty said when confronted with the photo. “That’s not my teacher that I’m kissing in the picture. It’s just a girl I know.” Warning claimed she was camping with friends at the time. She and Arty both denied they were romantically involved. “He is my student but I’ve never had a relationship with him or any of my students,” said Warning. “That is inappropriate. I think that this is a misunderstanding.”

SMH at her “appealing tattoos” and “double-handing beers”…SMH.


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