Gabrielle Union Kicks It Again

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Resident Party Hopper Gabrielle Union was spotted kickin it with Too Short and Hill Harper at the Maxim Style Awards in Hollywood last night. Her “look” seems to never change and is rather boring, but she still seems to pull it off well.

Is that an Obama pin chillin’ between her breast? What a way to draw attention to your cause. Or maybe it’s to draw attention from how zooted they all look in that pic.

More pics from the event right about now…

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  • daone

    Wow First!

  • Lola

    Gabby please keep a little bottle of lotion in your purse at all times cause them elbows and knees looking a little ashy sweetie.


    Hill Harper is so cute.. I always loved him!!

  • finally16nluvinit

    th girl from pcd ,in that pic wit nick c, she looks scary. keep ya mouth closed boo boo.or at least be prepared. no doubt-she is very pretty!


    How do I get an Avatar???

  • dont need no cream in my coffee

    plaese stop showing pics of fake butt kim k

  • sweetjam4u

    Is Kim K not tired of that dress? Damn…..white girls get butts and they dont know how to act.


  • Babegyrl

    I’m just saying, since when did JaRule become relavent enough to get an invite……………..

  • mrs. dwayne johnson

    Gabby is so gorgeous that I can’t even hate on her. Dammit.


    Yall can say what yall what about Kim K, yeah 50% of her body is probably implanted, lol, but that’s a bad b*tch… that’s a bad dress too and she’s rockin it

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    You hoes crack me up, gabriel should be your role model, shes fine, darkskin, educated and she aint a babymomma or fat.

    Isnt she everything you broke ass nappy weave wearin’ fat toe’d, stretchmarked saggy titty, fat heffas aspire to be?

    6am, always asking the right questions at the right time!

    bye hoes!

  • loveyoulongtyme

    I love Gabby and everything, but um…when was the last time she had a job.

  • MissJ

    OMG! I wish these b*tches would give the Herve Leger dresses a rest!!!!!!

  • 70122Gyrl

    6am – Why you got me dying at my desk!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!

    Gabby is gorgeous, single and doing her thang! She looks like she is always having a good time.

  • Leah

    Gabby is one of the most naturally beautiful chicks in the game, not like Kim who bought her whole body. Too bad Gab doesnt get the notoriety she deserves, probably cause she is brownskinned!






  • cj

    see the video on

  • camcam781

    Gabby is gorgeous! My fiance loves her…and I’m tired of Kim K. That’s enough..

  • camcam781

    Oh, Nicole Narrain is pretty too…look like something is wrong with Michelle’s teeth..she looks like a retard in that pic

  • camcam781

    Nicole Narrain is very pretty..

  • La. Finest

    Damn Too Short look T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Gabby and Hill look cute together. Where is Nick supposed fiancee? Aisha dress is ugly.

  • detroit

    I think Gabby’s cute and all but I’m soo bored with her. None of her posts are relevant.

  • Akasha1

    Gab stay in the streets don’t she? She does look good while doing it though…always FAB.

    I can’t remember who it was but someone pointed out that this could be why her career hasn’t progressed to the next level. She needs to be checkin for a script with substance instead of the next party/photo op.

  • Londie

    The PCD chick looks better when she isn’t smiling

  • divab

    Gabrielle Union gives me the creeps.. ugh.. she seems like a she’s a undercover HOE! LMAO

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