Some Wednesday Fug: Jay-Z and Beyonce

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

What the f*ck??? Look at Mr. and Mrs. Carter with their faces fixed in a not so attractive expression. And why does Jay-Z insist on walking around with those n*gga naps in his head and those bookworm glasses on? SMH

Peep out some more shots from the Knicks vs. the Cavs game last night.

More pics of the family Carter up under the hood plus Beyonce’s appearance on The 5-head Banks Show …

Images via WireImage

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  • Necy


  • Necy

    why, why, why????

  • karen

    Who beat the crap out of the boy behind jay…..?

  • OBAMA 2008...anything less is simply retarded

    and DEAD@ Karen….

    I had to go back and look….look like he got knocked the fugg out

  • Simple

    I thought they have marital problems! They must have solve that problem now.

    Damn, Jay how long you are going to do this! Please make a move from Beyonce. She will never ever give you kids.

  • me


  • JOEY B

    look like they both smell like ASS

  • G Money

    Who cares they are rich as hell!

  • Hov is a legend

    Jay-z is great! You all can get ready for the Jay-z tour in 09.

  • jay

    I think the n*gga naps and book worm glasses is a look that only Jay Z can pull off . . . they both look good..

  • shar

    Spike looks like his daddy, bought out the Nicks Store. Do you think Santa will bring him a new Nicks Duvet cover and pillow case set for Christmas?

  • ama

    No Jay-Z is not looking too cute but commenting on a brotha’s natural texture like it’s an issue? smh step ya game up writers

  • SpearChucker

    I hate those stupid glasses and anyone who wears them

  • me


  • Hannah Helpdesk

    Hov trying to hide his ring!!!!

  • yeah I said it

    what’s up with beyonces ponytail in that side shot? What’s up with the pulled back look she’s been sporting period? Don’t know if she’s going for a younger look or a more natural look but she could at least get a good tight looking ponytail.

  • jazi

    Bey is saying “dam is that my breath?”…jay is saying “dam can’t she smell her breath?”

  • http://ScoreBoard... Classy Obama....

    The Carters,Smiths and Obamas is what American need!

    Jazi…your comment was funny though!!!!

  • jas


  • 6 Figgaz

    Q-Tip’s layin’ back with a natural-looking lil’ mama… I like that…

  • pm

    Maybe they saw all those queens on you tube danceing to single ladies

  • mzsweetface

    It’s good to see them together. Bey looks very pretty in these pics but does she own a pair of sneakers? I never see her in flats.

  • Racks

    Nevermind Jay Z.. Look at the dude in back of him with the shiner under his eye. Dayummm !!

  • ATXChick

    i see jay-z wearing his ring thats good…. also is that the lady from young in the restless?

  • ATXChick

    sitting with Q-tip?

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