Bey Isn’t Alone: 10 More People That Don’t Want To Hang Out With Kimmy Cakes

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Kim Kardashian sues Australian tabloid for drug abuse allegations

10 People That Won’t Want To Hang With Kim Kardashian

Beyonce doesn’t want Kardashian residue wiping off on her so she tried as hard as possible to stay away from her. But Yeezy broke her down and had them hanging out. While Bey warmed to Kim’s cakes, there are a few other people that don’t want to be caught dead chilling with Kim’s slore-y ways. Take a look.

amber rose

Amber Rose – Kim took her man, so that’s that.


Kris Humphries – She gave it up, convinced him that marrying her would be awesome, then divorced him after like seven hours. He’s not good friends with her.


Reggie Bush – He basically thinks she’s a (insert joke here) now.

Kim Kardashian Billboard Posted by Peta

PETA – She loves dead animal fur. PETA loves living animals. They probably won’t invite her to a party any time soon.


Michelle Obama – No history here, Michelle’s just too classy for this broad.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian – She can’t stand her sister. In secret, but she still can’t stand her.

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    Halle Berry 19th Annual EIF Revlon Run Walk

    Halle Berry – She wanted to slap Kimmy for trying to give up to her baby daddy.

    Jon Hamm Kim Kardashian

    Jon Hamm – The star of Mad Men called her a simple idiot. Was he wrong?

    Paris Hilton gives her support to her boyfriend DJ Afrojack during the 2012 Winter Music Conference

    Paris Hilton – They were friends then enemies then friends and they kind of hate each other again. There went that.


    Oprah –She isn’t a fan of Kim’s fake charity. And she actually has talent, so they’re already incompatible at being friends.

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